Photo courtesy of Adam More

Q1: Who am I?

A: I’m a Southern Californian from the Orange County/Los Angeles area working in Boston. I have a slight obsession with plants (mostly flowering plants), ladybugs/ladybirds, and — currently, if not infinitely — tea.

10978701_1382497725398787_8588904178768516614_n (600x319).jpg

Terrible photo of me, but it’s “so me.”

Q2: Why have this blog? What is it for?

A: Everyone’s life is a different story. They’re all unique and interesting, it just depends on who’s — ACTUALLY, genuinely interested — listening.

This is my blog about my traveling adventures, starting with my study abroad trip to Ireland in the 2013-2014 academic year up until now. It’s like my personal diary/travel journal for anyone who wants to read it, because it’s not that personal, it’s just my story — not history — and, oh boy, do I love sharing stories (and pictures)!


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