A Baltimorean Easter Weekend (25-28 Mar)


The lovely set-up we had going for making fruit kabobs!

Friday, 25 Mar

Meals — or food in general — are the central part to most, if not every, celebration. To kick off the Easter weekend, my lady love, her beau, and I took a trip to one of her favourite places of all time: Medieval Times. Today’s visit was particularly amusing. We got a server/serf who sang to us what the regularly servers simply tell us in normal speech about what will happen and what we’ll see. I asked him after his solo and — as it turns out — he had actually written the song himself! Then, during the dinner service, he had little “fun names” for the various items we were to consume: dragon’s blood soup (tomato bisque), half a baby dragon (half a small chicken), a large French fry (half a baked potato) and gifts from the children of the court (apple pie/crumble). Through song with rhyme and whimsy, he made our meal seem so mythically delightful. He was amazing! It’s by far the best visit to Medieval Times I’ve ever had during the handful of times I’ve been.


A panoramic from our dinner at Medieval Times!

Sunday, 27 Mar


Our delightful, double broiler-dipper candy coated strawberries!

What comes before food?! SHOPPING! The first thing we did in the morning — after we put the chicken in the rotisserie — was just that. Between my lady love and myself, we managed to do some SHOCKINGLY productive shopping today.

After the early morning exercise of running around large grocery stores, the food preparations began. First things first, dipped strawberries. Turns out, it wasn’t as easy as we thought. The Pinterest recipe told us to microwave the candies and then just “simply” dip the strawberries in. Turns out that was easier said than done as the candies were only melted enough to be a paste and unwilling to stay on strawberries. Thankfully, I had melted chocolates using a double broiler set up before and used that knowledge to melt the candies over a stove top into a more liquid state. Then were the candies liquid enough to — actually — simply dip the strawberries into. Oh the joys of cooking!


Our colourful dyed, edible Easter eggs.

Next: rainbow fruit kabobs. They were loads of fun to make, though slightly time-consuming (and effective in getting everyone to eat their fruits). Whilst I was preoccupied with this task, my lady love was uncertain how to boil eggs for deviled eggs. Well, I had never made them and I don’t remember the last time I made boiled eggs, so don’t ask me. Who did we turn to, but — the one and only — mother.

While the filling for the deviled eggs was being mixed soon after, I completed my skewers of kabobs and began to dye the eggs for coloured deviled eggs — which turned out to be quite the amusement later on. As it turns out the cool colours (i.e. green, blue, and purple) took longer to soak through the eggs than the hot colour ( i.e. pink). The blue and purple took particularly long; I wonder why…


The various assortments of Easter “eggs” my lady love’s family has passed down for generations.

Now the best part was definitely looking at the collection of Easter eggs my lady love’s beau had hid for the kids. Supposedly, all the Easter eggs used are part of a collection that stemmed from the days when her grandmother hosted Easter decades ago. Thus, there were traditional looking-eggs in various colours and colour schemes. Then, there’s fairly abnormally shaped eggs that look like animals or balls from various sports and what not. It was absolutely amusing. (Lucky me, she let me keep one.) As for filling the eggs, she puts a good chunk of her coins in a little tray over the year. These coins are then put into the Easter eggs for the kids, along with little random little toys she buys. Ingenious!

“Today” I Learned

  • Ham is almost always “cooked”, it’s never “raw”. In other words, it’s cured pork.

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