12 Days of Blog Posts: Ready…Get Set…BLOG!


Dear Readers,

I very much apologise for my absence these past few months. Things have been pretty rough on my end with a bit of job — and apartment — hunting as well as preparations for my departure from my first real job after college, which ended a few weeks ago. Now with more spare time on my hands, I aim to return to blog writing — when I can — while I’m still job hunting and looking for my next step — and cleaning up my daily routine/my messy cave I call “my bedroom.”

I hope you had/are having a holiday season and took the time to relax and treat yourself to something special — aside from all the crazy, stressful holiday preparations, shopping, cooking, etc. you’ve put yourself through thus far.

Here is my gift to you — if you can call it that — a(n attempt at a) series of 12 blog posts to catch you up with my life thus far, highlighting the few most memorable moments of the past…9 months (?) I’ve missed in blogging time.

Happy Holidays to you — and stay warm and cozy!

~Yours Truly