A Warm & Wacky Boston Winter (3-16 Feb)

IMG_2641 Stitch (800x270)

A panoramic of the hill behind my building. Such…pretty…snow…

Wednesday, Feb 3

It’s been a warm winter in Boston, but at the same time, I’m cold. Yes. Cold. It may be warm for a Boston winter, but it’s still cold enough to keep a nice layer of winter warmth around you, especially with the winds that have been blowing through. Anyways, so our greenhouse technician at work told me that he works at a tea shop when he’s not busy in the greenhouse. I have been intending to visit him at his job, but I keep worrying that it might be too far. Much to my surprise, he recently told me that it is actually just a few stops away from where I get on the bus to go to work! Thus, today I paid him a visit as he was closing up.

IMG_0761 (340x640)

My lovely bag for my new “tea accessory” & my lovely hot cup of tea!

On my walk to DavidsTEA where he works, the wind was blowing, and there was some rain coming through. It’d normally be a dreadful day, but everything changed on my trip to visit my friend at his tea shop. First of all, there was a GIANT Star Market. It’s like my version of heaven, considering how much I love to go grocery shopping. Then, I realised that it was rather nippy out, but I had my jacket around me keeping me dry and warm. My friend’s tea shop just added on top of that happy feeling. It wasn’t a dark, dimly lit cafe-styled tea shop with warm and cozy colours like Teavana is, which I think is partially due to the fact that they’re owned by Starbucks. Instead, DavidsTEA was brightly lit up and was full of lively spring colours with an emphasis on a mint-colours very closely resembling the Tiffany & Co. blue/green/mint. Then, on top of the lively environment, my bubbly friend served me a tea of my choice for free with his discount and helped me pick out a new tea travel mug/thermos for keeping my hot teas warm during winter! Oh glorious day!

I walked home in the best mood I’ve been in for a long time. I’m happy to be warm and dry on a cold wintery day with a lovely steamy cup of tea; a great hat I’m in love with; a wonderfully toasty, waterproof jacket; and a wonderful friend who brightens my days with his smiles and laughter.

IMG_2663 (800x430)

Part of the road on my snowy walk home, as I tend to miss my bus more when it’s snowing.

IMG_2650 (640x640)

Notice how one side is so snow covered due to the high winds and the other is completely untouched?! This is madness!

Friday, Feb 5

It’d been a rather warm winter, so much so that I almost forgot Boston gets snow in winter. Well, the weather wasn’t about to let me forget any time soon. So, today we were thrown 6-8 inches of snow!!!! What a reminder it is indeed! I really wanted to complain about it, but, alas, after last year’s record-breaking 109 inches of snow with almost a whole foot some days I can’t really complain.

IMG_2676 (800x431)

Mmmmm! Scrumptious, delicious dim sum!

Saturday, Feb 13

Just when I thought the weather couldn’t get any worse, winter decided to throw me a curveball. I thought snow was bad, but today we had high winds overnight and a freakishly cold temperature drop. It was so intense that there was ice clusters and frost on the inside of my window this morning! Oh winter, why art thou so cruel!

Despite the frigid cold morning, my friends and I had pre-planned a long awaited dim sum date. So, we arrived one by one and stood freezing cold outside the restaurant while we awaited the arrival of all members of our party. Up until we entered the restaurant, we were all freezing our little toes and fingers off, sometimes huddling together for warmth like a congress of penguins. Funnily enough, after 2-3 hours of dim sum, we stepped outside to find the sun beaming innocently, melting away all the frigid snow. What insanity this winter weather is proving to be.


Seriously, wtf is with this weather?!

Tuesday, Feb 16

Today was another wacky-weathered day. We went from a frigidly cold -23°C/-9°F weekend to a comfortably chilly 15°C (59°F)! This indecisive weather changed in such a snap that all the snow accumulated over the weekend transformed into slush overnight, almost quite literally! What is this madness?!

“Today”I Learned

  • Seltzer is just carbonated water
  • New England public schools have “February Recess” AND Spring Break/Recess (usually in April), a week each. On the opposite coast, we just have Spring Break (usually the week before Easter).

Additional Photos

IMG_2662 (640x479)

A gazebo of a nursing home on my walk home. So peacefully pretty after the 6-8 inches of snow!

IMG_2670 (469x640)

I had a little of fun and made my first snow angel!

IMG_2671 (800x491)

I had some fun and used my roommate’s slow cooker to replicate my beloved Chinese tea eggs!


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