Time Flies Faster As You Age (29-31 Dec)

IMG_2428 Stitch (800x250)

A panoramic of the inside of Angelo’s and Vinci’s.

Tuesday, 29 Dec

When I first started college, I started at a community college and then transferred to a 4-year university. At my university, I met a lovely lady, who had been friends with my older brother prior to attending the university. It was quite hilarious when she met me, she hadn’t realised that I was already college-aged, as my brother — apparently — often referred to me as his “baby sister.” That was over 4 years ago.

Today, she’s now closer friends with me than with my brother, despite the larger age gap. Not only that, but today, I had dinner with her and her new husband! Oh my, oh my! It was quite a festive dinner. She had chosen for us to have dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant near our community college. I had never gone there mostly because I had no reason to go eat at a fancy, Italian restaurant. Boy, did I miss out — until today that is. The restaurant was festively decorated for the Christmas season with a full-sized Christmas tree smack in the middle of the dining room. Paintings and curios adorned the walls and ceiling of the place. It was like stepping into a hole-in-the-wall place that only showed itself to be the most magical location upon entry.

Then, the food. It was exceptional. They served fairly delicious Italian food. We started with a hearty salad full of olives and cheese, just the way it should be. This was followed by what my friend and her husband ordered: pizza. Sure, sure, pizza doesn’t sound all that glamorous or anything, but I didn’t mind. It as actually pretty darn good pizza — not like that cardboard stuff or floppy fish pizza you buy from chain American pizza places. This pizza was deliciously homemade with a crisp bottom with a nice, soft bready interior for a crust. Then, it was topped off with a myriad of vegetables on top, just as we had ordered.


IMG_2447 (640x415)

The Ruby’s breakfast (left) and lunch & dinner (right) menus!

Wednesday, 30 Dec


Speaking of magical –and delicious — things, Ruby’s Diner is totally my cup of magical tea. Yes, yes, it’s just a burger joint, as are many locations scattered across Southern California. However, I just love the swing music they put on and the menu is always wonderful, no matter what location you go to — except the airport ones. It’s usually located near a body of water, so it feels rather refreshing to be in one of their restaurants. Oh Ruby’s, if only you were on the East Coast…

Anyhow, Ruby’s was where my beau and I decided to have our anniversary brunch today. It is also where he put up with me having too much fun with the condiments they gave us. While we waited for our food, I had fun organising the single-serve jam containers according to flavour. Then, I had fun sampling the different sugar substitutes they had and observing the difference between all of them. Oh me, oh my am I surprised that he actually puts up with me and all my ridiculousness.


This is me playing with sugar substitutes. Top: all the substitutes and sugar (far right). Bottom: the texture of all said things.

IMG_2448 - Copy (640x579)

The darling patriotic elephant outside of the Rainbows headquarter in San Clemente.

After a filling brunch of literally a breakfast dish and a lunch dish, we made our way down to San Clemente. Originally, we had ventured down south there with the hopes of going to the Rainbows Outlet Store to get him a new pair of Rainbows. Sadly, they were closed all of winter break. However, we still had fun exploring the area. We ended up going to where the Rainbows corporate headquarters was and found a rather patriotic little elephant. We took some silly pictures with it before we headed on over to my place of choice: the brand new San Clemente Outlets. Apparently, this outlet had just opened in November, so my beau had quite a blast using that to his advantage — in combination with his newfound hobby: Waze Editing.


It was quite a day for an anniversary, but it was a fun day indeed.


A collage of the Christmas decorations they had up at the San Clemente Outlets.

Thursday, 31 Dec

Whenever people say, “Back in the day…” I often think of centuries or decades ago, back before I was born. However, now that I think about it, I am one of those “old people” now. Society, technology, and culture has changed so much in my lifetime that now, I’m the person who can say “Back in the day…”


The entrance (bottom) and the innards (top) of Jurassic Restaurant. I’m pretty sure that T-rex’s arm is misplaced.

So, back in the day, when I was a wee lassie, I worked with this lady, whom I later partially “replaced”. She was interning at the time, and when she left, I did what she had taught me to do during our time together. During that time, we became friends. Little did I know that I would know her all the way until today. Over the years, she introduced me to swing dancing and we’d talk to each other once in a blue moon. I’d never met anyone she dated, nor anyone she had an interest in. However, shortly I left Southern California last year, she began dating a guy. Today, in a land before time…well, not really…we went to a place called Jurassic Restaurant, we had a girl’s lunch with a mutual swing dancing friend of ours whom I was staying with…and she announced that she was engaged! Man, it seems like just yesterday that I had just gotten to know her a bit. Now she’s engaged? Time…it’s a thing.


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