The Glories of Fall (October)

A collection of fall foliage & an acorn from this fall’s “harvest” of colour.


The innards of the bus terminal building at South Station.

Saturday, 10 Oct

This weekend is going to be so great! Two years ago, I was in Dublin this time of year and my friend came to visit me from France. This year, she’s coming to visit me in Boston! How exciting! Today, I went to go pick her up from South Station.  I had never been to South Station before other than to transfer from the train to the Silver Line bus to go to the airport, and then that one time I got really lost and took the commuter rail there to get to the Silver Line — I REALLY freaked out that time, almost got lost within the large station. Those don’t count because I didn’t get to absorb it all it, nor see or understand what all the hustle and bustle was about. This time, I actually got to spend a little time there. It was unexpectedly fun, especially since there was the ONE and ONLY Auntie Anne’s in Boston there (the one at the airport doesn’t count). Not only that, but — OH MY GOSH — there was a — what I call — a “penny press” (machine). Okay, so I might be a little crazy and over-the-top excited about South Station, but still, it was awesome.

After picking her up, we decided to wander over to the Boston Common for a gorgeous view of fall in the city.

A panoramic of the gazebo-like thing — or “band stand” — in the Boston Commons.

Presenting my newfound friend: MBTADog.

Monday, 26 Oct

I thought today was a typical day going to work on a Monday morning. It was nice and cozy with sun shining down and a light fall breeze. Then, something strange was spotted: an Asian guy with a messenger bag decorated with a hand-drawn image of one of the trains of the Green Line on the cover wearing black trench coat with the collar popped up and a fedora. He definitely stuck out like a sore thumb and caught my eye. What’s more? Along the whole bus route to work, this guy was filming the ride, often holding up a paper copy of the bus schedule every so often as well. It struck me as strange.

At first, my fantasy-riddled mind fancied him a bus detective. Maybe he work for the MBTA and he’s doing a review or something of the transit system. That didn’t make much sense, so I fancied mayhaps he could be a spy from the company that built the trains, but that wouldn’t have made much sense either as he was riding the bus when I saw him. Over the span of the 20-30 minutes I watched him, a million scenarios crossed my mind. Finally, shortly before I was to leave for my stop, I gathered up the courage to go ask the guy himself, as my curiosity was killing me. As it turns out, he’s an MBTA enthusiast known as MBTADog. What’s more? His messenger bag is the  MBTA Type 7 bag sold by the MBTA gift shop! What was he doing with a camera? He films the routes he takes when possible, sometimes taking pictures. It’s a his hobby.

“Today” I Learned

  • Growing up, there was always this magnolia flower I saw every so often. It released a heavy, yet refreshing perfume. I finally found out what it was, after stumbling upon it while looking up information on another species I was reading up on. The flower from my childhood is a hybrid known commonly as white sandalwood or white jade orchid tree, Magnolia x alba.
  • Do you remember that scene in Back to the Future when the car achieves time warp? I recently found out that the mall parking lot where that was shot, was the mall I grew up frequenting in middle school and high school! No wonder it looked so familiar when I watched it for the first time a few months ago!
  • There’s an MBTA ring you can buy (and wear) that works JUST like a CharlieCard would. All it is: the RFID chip on a ring format instead of the regular card format.
  • Annie, the musical and movie, was based off of a comic strip called “Little Orphan Annie.”
  • There’s a difference in pumpkins for carving and pumpkins for pie. The ones for carving are grown for size, not flavour and thus usually taste terrible if used for pie because they don’t have all good stuff inside. They’re mostly water, much like the giant pumpkins people grow for state fairs or whatever.

Other Pictures

We brewed some beer with the hops we harvested at work one day, after they were dried of course. It’s great to work here.

Some strange fruit I saw on the side of the road. I have NO idea what it is.

A cute little daisy because why not?

The Harvard campus has this giant chessboard for people to play on — of course getting there when there are pieces out is a different story.

Isn’t the Public Garden beautiful in fall? Oh wait, that’s just because it was the Golden Hour.

One of the gorgeous clocks of one of the buildings in the Harvard Yard next to one of the T entrances to Harvard Square Station.

Okay, okay, I know you want more pictures of the New England fall. Here you go.

Oh, and this one from the Arnold Arboretum.

And this one from next to the Brookline Reservoir, while I was trying to be creative.


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