The Amusements of Everyday Life (1-7 Sept)

The Longwood area where Harvard’s Chan School of Public Health is.

Tuesday, 1 Sept

Karma. Do you believe in it? I haven’t decided, but after today, I might. So, I lost my first ID card here. I went over to one of our “satellite” locations to get me a new copy, since the main campus office is probably extremely busy due to the influx of freshmen students. The ID office there was rather quick about printing my ID card. It look me about 30 minutes. Though, I think karma is a thing because:


Not to mention, towards the end of the day, at 11pm — as in ONE HOUR before midnight — I got an e-mail from a guy I determined is the Director of Admissions AT the school of Public Health AT — you guessed it — the “satellite” campus where I had gone earlier in the day. Oh life, oh karma, how you spite me sometimes.

My delicious bowl of aglio olio. Yum yum, squid ink noodles. ❤

Wednesday, 2 Sept

Nothing too exciting has been going on with my life. Okay, that’s a slight lie. I got my state ID card today. AHHHH!!!! ❤ Anyhow, I also got to eat out with my adopted big sister at this restaurant BOTH of us have been DYING to go to but never got the nerves to because it’s so expensive, BUT it was TOTALLY worth the price. We had decided on it because it had been so long since we’ve had a date, so we met up. We couldn’t decide where to go and just picked “the closest” place which happened to be The Daily Catch. It’s all seafood-based, cooked fresh and served to you on the spot, but SO good. I got some squid ink aglio olio with calamari. Seriously speaking, squid ink does nothing fancy, but it’s SOOOO fun to eat something funky-coloured every once in a while.

Saturday, 5 Sept

My beau is visiting this weekend. We decided to go meet up with some of my friends to go out for dinner. While we were waiting, we walked around the Haymarket outdoor market in hopes that I would find some fruit for the week. No luck for me, but my partner decided it was a GREAT idea to buy 25, TWENTY-FIVE, 2–5 oranges since they were $2.50. What are we going to do with that many oranges?! I know he definitely couldn’t eat all of them during his stay with me, and I’m not a big fan of oranges. I guess we’ll see. Anyhow, after today, I’ve learned to never go to Haymarket to peruse on Saturday evening as the sellers are rather crabby and impatient about trying to get rid of as much of their produce as possible before the day ends. I got scolded at by some guy because I was taking “too long” trying to find a cantaloupe. I was sad not to have one and was rather irritated for such rude behaviour, but alas is the world of capitalism?

Monday, 7 Sept

My beau leaves today. Thankfully, we figured out what to do wit that abundance of oranges he had purchased: hand-squeezed orange juice. OH MY GOSH was it a good idea. It was the best — THE best — hand-squeezed orange juice I’ve ever had. I think it might have had something to do with the variety of oranges and the season. Most hand-squeezed orange juices I’ve had are just too sour and/or tart and not to my liking. But this, THIS batch of hand-squeezed orange juice we made today was just THE BEST. It was as sweet as I’d like my orange juice, but not in the store-bought concentrate orange juice way, and it wasn’t sour as if lemon juice had been added it. Too bad I didn’t take note of what oranges they were, but my guess is probably Valencia, as that is the major cultivar of oranges I see on the East Coast (as opposed to the Navel I see all the time back in Southern California).

Perforations on the California (left) and Massachusetts (right) licences.

“Today” I Learned

  • Some state ID cards have laser-cut holes in funny shapes. The Massachusetts one is the state outline; the Californian one, a bear. SO CUTE! I wonder what other states have these.

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