‘Tis the Season of Allston Christmas (29-31 Aug)

My delicious lunch. (Yes, I’ve become one of those foodies…)

Saturday, 29 Aug

It’s that time of year…when I get so busy I start losing and misplacing random, everyday items …apparently; work has been hectic recently. Today, I went to work — yes, I work on weekends — no, it’s not mandatory — yes, I volunteered myself to work on weekends — yes, I know I’m crazy.  ANYways…

… I had a lovely time working today, I even treated myself to eating out in the “village”/central area near work — where I never go because I ACTUALLY manage to bring my own lunch every day during the weekdays — and had a bento at the Japanese restaurant there. All throughout my mind, not a worry was stirring, not even a pinch.


…the inevitable: I lost my ID card badge. It had my bus pass AND my ID card to get into work. I dropped it right as I was getting off the stop where work was, far, far, FAAAAR away from home — well, 4-5 miles, not TERRIBLY far, but quite a hike for someone who recently lost their bus pass.

What did I do in my crazed moments? I managed to get on the next bus (a different route) going to the main bus station in the area. AS this other bus was pulling into the station, the bus I had lost my pass on — each bus as a BUS  number AND a bus ROUTE number, and yes, I remembered the actual bus number — JUST pulled in. I got on the bus and frantically search for my ID badge. It’d only been 20 minutes and the bus had JUST finished its route. Sadly, no luck.

So, I did what every other crazed person does — okay, maybe it’s just me — I walked back to the place I lost it and followed the bus route in search of my ID card. Again, no luck. By then, I was exhausted from walking so much and freaking out for such a long time, I didn’t have the energy to walk the 4-5 miles home — yes, I would do that normally, IF I wasn’t panicking and it wasn’t getting dark. Luckily, I was saved. My friend was hanging out with her boyfriend, yet was willing to pick me up and take me home.

Sunday, 30 Aug

It’s Allston Christmas Adam — as my friends would call it (Adam, because Adam came before Eve, and the “Eve” of a holiday is the day before, thus…yeah, you get it). Anyways, Allston Christmas. It’s just another way Bostonians here (on the south side of the river, at least) call moving season. Why? It’s the time when all the people staying in Boston another year renew their lease or prepare to move (the “official” moving day for most people is September 1st). Why does this make it Christmas? Because people are sometimes too lazy to move their furniture and thus leave it on the curb for anyone to pick up and people WILL pick it up. Used free furniture to all and to all a furnished apartment?

Anyhow, I’m helping my girlfriend move — almost everyone knows at least one person who’s moving during Allston Christmas, whether they volunteer to help or not is a different story — from the Allston area to around where my work is. However, there’s a little problem due to the fact that moving day is in the middle of the week this year, so she’s moving her stuff to my place for a few days. To accomplish this LAST MINUTE, as she’s not a planner type and didn’t book a UHaul or anything in advance (among other complications), we decided to book a ZipCar. This morning, we booked a ZipCar named Coslow. Coslow is a Jeep Patriot — yes, the name is unique to THAT car…it’s a ZipCar thing — and helped us move a good deal. However, Coslow just wasn’t the one. My girlfriend was trying to move this new dresser she had just bought and we had gotten a larger car in hopes of moving it more efficiently. Sadly, that didn’t work out. Later on that night, we had a date with Tamera, a Ford Transit Connect. She was lovely and got the job done. Part of it is probably due to the fact that Tamera is the same model of car ZipCar uses for their ZipVans, though it’s not registered as such. Yay for brains!

During the day, we took a break from all the holiday madness and had some sweets at Sweet Kingdom. While we were there, we sighted elves — elves…ON BIKES! I’m not sure if they do that every year, but WOW, way to REALLY get into the holiday season and make the stressful season a little less stressful.

The ridiculous amount of dishware we found: 34 small bowls, 14 medium bowls, 25 small plates, 23 large plates AND 60 mugs/glasses (of 6 different designs).

On a side note, we found some presents hidden in the closet for us. Okay, it wasn’t really for us and it wasn’t really hidden, but amuse me a bit. So, my girlfriend was the last of the four roommates to move out. As we were cleaning out the apartment of objects of disinterest, we found 5 boxes — FIVE, F-I-V-E boxes — of plates, bowls, and cups belonging to NO ONE (yes, we even asked). IT WAS MADNESS — the good kind, not the bad kind…I think. All I have to say is:

Allston Christmas, indeed.

Monday, 31 Aug

It’s Allston Christmas Eve and what I am I doing? Cleaning. Boxes of things have all been moved, the Christmas rush is — almost — through, but I’ve still got one job to do, the cleaning thing I must do. My poor girlfriend got stranded at school, so I went over after work to spray and wipe any and all (horizontal) surfaces I could find. This Cinderella had almost finished the job, before she was called to go eat dinner. The girlfriend came back after my carriage had taken me back home. So I walked back to her house and had some dinner together before doing the last bit of cleaning. The last bit proved to be worse than anticipated.

Around 10:30pm, we came back and were moving the leftover, unwanted furniture out to the curb, as most people do, and BOTH of us forgot our copies of the keys and locked ourselves out. Most people had moved out by now, so the apartment complex was pretty empty. We were SO CLOSE to being done. The two of us frantically roamed around the building complex(es) for a while before our princes — ok, so they were girls, but still — came to save us, rescuing us from our own demise.

These kids hanging out the window to hold down a mattress to the roof of a car…Kids these days.

Amusement of the day:

On our walk back to her apartment after dinner, we saw this group of guys in a TINY car hanging out the window, one out of each window — except the driver’s window. They were MANUALLY holding a mattress TO THE ROOF. Oh what madness the holiday season brings.

“Today” I Learned

  • Those little coloured balls you sprinkle on cookies (and sometimes they’re on chocolates or chocolate chips) have a name: nonpareils.

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