The Heart’s Desires (21 Jul-1 Aug)

Swan Boats at the Boston Public Gardens on a lovely, Boston summer day. ❤

The lovely salmon burger from The Boathouse on a (super) crunchy Brioche bun.

Tuesday, 21 Jul

Typically when people ask me where I want to eat, I can’t decide for the life of me — much less WHAT I want to eat — but today was one of those rare days I actually had something in mind. I was thinking about a salmon burger. So, not knowing much about this city and its eats, I consulted my good friend Yelp. Oh mirror, mirror on the screen, show me a salmon burger to fill my soul — and tummy. What did my Yelp results —  combined with reviews — suggest? The Boathouse. So, I went there with my “big sister.”

It been a while since I declared her as “big sis,” yet we had never gotten around to spending some one-on-one time together until today. We met up at The Boathouse and the salmon burger called out to me. So I inhaled it. It was SO GOOD!

Friday, 31 Jul

Today is my longest-standing, close guy friend’s birthday. During the past 10 years I’ve known him, my moving to Boston was the first time I lived a reasonable distance to him. So, I insisted on making him a birthday cake. For centuries I waited…I mean…it took him DAYS to decide on what kind of cake he wanted. He finally settled on a chocolate mousse cheesecake, which I had SUCH a fun time making today.

First obstacle: Using the spring form pan often used for cheesecakes.
Challenge: Complete. I made a cake with the pan previously, I think I understand how it works enough to feel confident about using it.

Second obstacle: A water bath. The recipes calls to bake it in a water bath.
Alternative: wrap it in LOTS of foil. (No, seriously, that’s what the recipe said.)

Curveball: HOW is the cheesecake supposed to look when you take it out of the oven?
Is it supposed to be jello-like, similar to the consistency of a delicious flan? Because that’s what it looked like when I pulled it out of the oven after following the recipe’s instructions. By that time, it was time for me to go to bed so I can now only hope everything will be alright.

One of the ladies’ lovely hat for our outing at the Boston Public Gardens.

Saturday, 1 Aug

Best way to start the day: finding out that my friend’s cheesecake solidified as it got to room temperature overnight. Yay!

Second joy of the day: getting to ride in the swan boats at the Boston Public Gardens for free! It was so slow and steady — though we weren’t running a race, it just meant less motion sickness for me.

After a lovely morning/afternoon out, the icing to a “perfect day”: spending time with my friend. My, my, my is it delightful to see someone who vanishes off the face of the earth due to their affections towards another. It’s been forever since I last talked to my friend, even longer since I last saw him — despite the fact that he lives a 15 minute walk away. It’s always sad to realise and/or be reminded that someone you value, cherish and adore just simply doesn’t feel the same way about you. It’s alright though; after all, to have a friend, you must learn to be a friend (or as I’ve come to understand, if they don’t treat you the way you want to be treated as a friend, use them as your guinea pig to hone your friendship skills — or, in my case, cooking skills — the worse they can do is break off your friendship). Even though some bitterness remains due to his choice to not include me in his current life, I still love him and it just melts my heart whenever I get to hug him and see him smile again.

After talking catching up with him for a while, I realised something…

…I’m too Asian for white people, but too white for Asian people. It’s a harsh reality, but it’s the sad truth.

“Today” I Learned

Other Pictures 

Turkeys in Boston. It’s a thing. (Sorry for the bad quality, I didn’t have time to whip out my real camera.)


This poor ducky was being terrorised by one of the swans at the Boston Public Gardens. (As my little sister would say, “Much sad.”)


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