Something Different is Sometimes Good (5-18 Jul)

Some butterfly I saw on my walk home.

Monday, 6 Jul
Whole Foods is going mad…they’re having a “Madness Sale” for the next few weeks. Shrimp for $7/lb? Bought them. Drumsticks for $1/lb? Bought those too. Now, 10 ears of corn for $4? I have to get those as well!  So I did…along with another 7 lbs of drumsticks (that’s 18 drumsticks, by the way).  Maybe I’m the one going crazy. My freezer is now so full I’m surprised my roommate hasn’t said anything about it. Not to mention, it’s hard to imagine that a little over a year ago, I was sharing a mini fridge and a freezer of the same size with THREE other girls! Alas, life is never the same from one season to the next.

Anyhow, along with this madness, I decided I wanted mashed sweet potatoes with my 10 ears of corn. So, I bought a few sweet potatoes. Then, I realised this would be a great chance to try out a Thanksgiving sweet potato recipe — and make use of all the maple syrup I rarely use for all the pancakes I rarely make. So, out came my Pinterest boards with a recipe for mashed sweet potatoes with cinnamon maple butter sauce. Verdict? DELICIOUS. The only problem is that the cinnamon maple butter sauce is only delicious during those first few moments when it is still fairly warm. Afterwards, the butter separates from the rest of the mixture and it cannot be revived by the conventional magic of the microwave.

Wednesday, 8 Jul

Have you ever met someone and didn’t really like them on first impressions? Then, later on they ask you to hang out? It’s a weird feeling that one. You feel like you’d be going against yourself by going out with them, but then you feel like you should give them a fair shot anyways. Then, contrary to your instinct, you say, “Yes.”

That’s what happened and that brought me to tonight: a dinner date. So, despite what you’re thinking, I did not go out with a guy, but a girl whom I met a few weeks ago within my new group of friends. Upon meeting her, I had the feeling that she wasn’t the type of person I could relate to, the type of person I’d want to hang out with, nor the type of person that would really associate with me. But, despite that, she offered to spend time with me…if I ever felt like it. I never initiated actual conversations — aka NOT small talk — with her nor her with me. Despite that, we were put in a spot to share our lives together for a brief moment’s time of a night together with our mutual friends. A few days later, I texted her and planned today’s date night because I figured, “Why not?”

Okay, so it might not be an “official date” kind of thing since we didn’t even know where we wanted to eat until we met up nor are we romantically interested in each other, but it was just us two having a heart-to-heart conversation over dinner. Thankfully, the “date” wasn’t too awkward since she seemed to be as friendly and open as I’m used to being, but from a seemingly more extroverted perspective — at least, that’s what it seemed like. We shared stories of our lives’ troubles and related to each other on the basis of the people we knew and the past hurts we’ve both experienced. It went better than I expected.

You may judge a book by it’s covers, but sometimes it’s worth taking the risk to just crack the covers open and peek in, even for a short moment.

Pictures of my friend’s special corn muffin recipe from the oven and after the oven.

Sunday, 12 Jul

I love cooking; it’s my new hobby…I guess. I’m not the best cook in the world, but I certainly can follow recipe instructions! This alone made me — apparently — THE person to ask to test a recipe. Okay, I’ve probably lost you.

Back story:
I met this friend a few weeks ago. We, as most people do, began the conversation with very broad topics and it phased into what we’re doing here in Boston, as Boston is a rather transitory city. Her answer: she’s interning at a test kitchen. What’s a test kitchen? I had NO IDEA. I just smiled and nodded, because that was interesting and different; end of story — or so I thought. Funny thing: this came back up again later on.

A little over a week ago, I saw her again at my friend’s Fourth of July party and we hung out and I brought over my giant cake and some chicken drumsticks I pulled off of Pinterest. She said she enjoyed the cake and all the deliciousness I made. I — being the me that I am (read: very bad at taking compliments) — brushed it off with the fact that all I really did was just pull a recipe off the internet and followed it; this leads to yesterday.

Yesterday, she randomly texts me in the evening and asks me if I could test a recipe for her internship. I was confused — since I still didn’t really understand what a test kitchen was — and said, “Sure?” What did I agree to? I had no idea. All I knew was that she was going to provide me ALL the ingredients I needed to make whatever recipe she was going to give me…today.

Today, she comes over. Turns out, she was working on writing a recipe as part of her internship and she wanted to make sure the recipe was easy to follow (and understand) for any cook of any experience level. So, I was her choice guinea pig — yay! choice guinea pig! I had a little extra time today, so I followed the instructions and made the recipe. I’d say it came out well. Then, being the editor-type I am, I gave her my opinion on the written format as well as what I thought of the recipe (answer: I wouldn’t have picked it if it showed up on my Pinterest because I don’t like spicy things). Hopefully all goes well that follows after this.

A Guinness chocolate cheesecake I made for the barbeque.

Thursday, 16 Jul 

So, I’ve unofficially adopted the Canadian intern as my “little sister.” She’s never been to a barbeque. This is what she told to our building’s system administrator. Being the fun-loving guy he is, he saw this as an opportunity to arrange a building barbeque. So we did and it was a blast. We had burgers and hot dogs until the grill ran out of propane. Come to think of it, this is probably the first time I’ve been to a proper barbeque “party” with a propane grill that is actually used and not just the centrepiece and “reason” to get together. I wonder if it might be due to my Asian family background in combination with my lack of friends who invite me to large gatherings…

This lovely, large piece of artwork thing in the cafe area of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Friday, 17 Jul

Today is Free Fun Friday at the Museum of Fine Arts; this my little sister discovered. She’s only here for a few months so she wanted to go — she wants to go anywhere and everywhere she’s invited to. She decided — for some unknown reason — I would be THE person to go to an art museum with. I obliged and permitted her to drag me to the museum. I’m not the biggest fan of such places, so I didn’t really want to be there for more than an hour. She wanted to be there for more than two hours; I would’ve died. We had planned to meet up around 7 or 8pm; I ended up delayed until 8, which suited me fine seeing that the museum closed at 9:30pm. There were gorgeous pieces of art, but being the botanist, I was fairly attracted specifically to pieces of art with flowers on it more so than those of human subjects. It was great and dandy.

My delicious bowl of ramen from Shabu and Mein. ❤ With REAL ramen eggs! ❤

Saturday, 18 Jul 

I thought I had plans today, but they didn’t quite work out. However, this allowed me to make a last minute plan with my friend who works in the test kitchen. I expected to only go for lunch, but we spent lovely full day with her — after I got done with work of course.

First stop was Shabu and Mein for lunch. Oh my goodness gracious taste buds was that ramen so perfectly delicious! Afterwards, a stroll around the nearby mall came to pass and then a movie date with popcorn. It was awesome! Towards the end of the night, we stopped by a café for a small chat that faded into discussions about relationships. I only wish I could have such days with my boyfriend. I can only hope he wasn’t too jealous.

“Today” I Learned

  • Boston has a 30% turnover rate; meaning 30% of the Boston population is constantly changing, moving out of the city after moving into the city.
  • Paper towns” are a name given to fake towns people used to draw on paper maps in order to identify forgery or plagerised maps.

Other Pictures 

My first gyro…has fries in it. WHAT?!

Giant platter of food at Dok Bua for $12, definitely Asian enough for me.

The weed known as Queen Anne’s lace, of which a cultivar of results in our commonly consumed carrots.

One of the refurbished buildings of the old Chestnut Hill waterworks. Now it houses the offices of the MWRA (Massachusetts Water Resources Authority).

My little sister has a little too much fun at work. (Yes, that’s a plastic tree in a little mini pot with REAL soil.)

Raspberries are a-growin’!!!!

A line of Canadian geese glide through the waters as a couple spends a quiet moment together…with quacks.

A little sighting of the Prudential Center Building on my way to the Museum of Fine Arts.

That’s a piece of (art)work…

Flying paper mache people are part of collections along the upper floor somewhere.

Giant mass of thing…is art.

A collage of the dome near the entry way to the Museum of Fine Arts.

The grand entrance up to a series of collections.

I like these globes with holes at Kendall Square. I thought they were for a water fountain kind of thing.

Homemade banana bread from a modified Flour Bakery recipe. Yum yum, banana bread! ❤


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