Effervescent Memories (1-4 Jul)

I met this cute little plant in our greenhouses. One of it’s names is mouse thorn (Ruscus hypoglossum). What looks like a leaf is actually a flattened stem and that little pokey green thing is a leaf.
My lovely new nail polish colour. It’s called “On a Trip.”

Wednesday, 1 Jul

Oh summer…sticky, humid summer. You tease me so. First, the joy of hearing the raindrops in the morning, only to realise that it’s a warm summer rain. Then, the happiness of sunshine seeping through my blinds, only to realise how humid it is outside after such a warm rain combined with the sunshine. It’s okay though, I drowned my disappointments in a $2 bottle of bright, pastel purple-coloured nail polish.

Thursday, 2 Jul

Yay for picnics! My friends decided to have a picnic dinner tonight. It was amazing — as all picnics tend to be! I only had wish we didn’t have to leave because of the family of skunks sighted nearby. Though I guess that was well-timed, considering it was getting dark anyways. On the other hand, I received 5+ bug bites throughout the picnic. Apparently, my O blood is “sweeter” to the insects.

Presenting: the dark chocolate Guinness cake with Bailey’s cream cheese frosting!

Friday, 3 Jul

A cake here, a cake there, a cake in my oven! What kind of cake you ask? A dark chocolate Guinness cake! I’m going to this party tomorrow and we’re also celebrating my friends birthday, so I thought I’d bake a party-worthy birthday cake.

Some of my favourite fireworks from the 2015 Boston Fourth of July Celebration. I especially like the ones that looks like smiley faces. ❤

Saturday, 4 Jul

Party! Okay, you caught me; I’m not a big party person. But, I was there celebrating Fourth of July with my lovely new group of friends. I bought 6-7 pounds of chicken drumsticks and made some delicious, sweet & spicy drumstick recipe along with the chocolate Guinness cake with Bailey’s frosting I made yesterday. When it came time to go on the rooftop of the 15-story building my friend lives in, I talked a bit before retreating into my awkward non-party-loving wallflower mode. The fireworks were fun for the first few minutes, then it was really boring as it’s essentially just glitter in the sky. What was more interesting? First off, before the fireworks, there were searchlights roaming the area where the fireworks would be.  Along with it, wispy clouds hovering into the path of the searchlights. It looked as if the searchlights were trying to wrangle in a dragon of cloud. Second, overhead, the constellation of Hercules was in the sky. Even more awesome was that the moon was blood red as it rose from the horizon, as if reminding us of the blood that was shed for our independence from Britain. Though, on second thought, it did turn orange later on as it traveled higher into the sky. All this occurred before the fireworks started. Oh! And there was a shooting star in the sky as I looked up to talk to someone after I settled in a chair before the fireworks started.

A panoramic of the Boston skyline from the top of my friend’s building as we waited for night to crawl in and fireworks to start.

“Today” I Learned 

  • The post offices here — and banks — don’t have lobbies that are open 24/7.
  • Gin is made from juniper berries (which aren’t really berries, but modified cones — I know, it’s crazy, botany is crazy) and that is why they — as my friend says — “taste like pine trees” since junipers are conifers, as are pine trees.
  • Apple iPads cannot be used to begin Skype group calls and when you are invited (and accepted) into a group call, it will not display your video — or the other people’s, you can only be on audio.

Other Pictures:

A lovely tiger lily I met on my walk to work.
The Boston skyline after the sun set. Obviously the quality is terrible because it’s night time.

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