Getting to Hope You Like Me (14-20 Jun)

The lovely Oreo cupcakes I made.

Sunday, 14 Jun 

They say it’s a small world. That’s hard to believe when people meet each other in a region (within a 50 mile radius) and realise they know people from the same region, culture and language. I sometimes think I’m the only one who feels this way. Anyhows, I’ll get off my soapbox now and tell you my “small world” story:

Today, I met a girl through my new group of friends. From such an international city like Boston, it’s no surprise when you meet people from the same region as you (e.g. Southern California). BUT it’s really exciting when you meet someone who knows the SPECIFIC area you come from — especially when your city is only 20+ years old, aka fairly new, and most people in your region don’t even know where that is unless they have family there or they work there. This girl was one of those people to me. Even better: she and I ACTUALLY got along really well. She reminds me a lot of one of my favourite girl friends. I wonder how well the two of them would get along…

Monday, 15 Jun

Rain, rain, rain. Some moments I hate it, some moments I love it. Today was one of those days I was rather indifferent to it. But, on the bright side — not too bright — I got invited to a dinner at one of my new friends’ house. She made us some delicious ribs and we had a lovely time playing telephone pictionary afterwards. It’s always fun to share a meal with new people and to just have a simple, fun time. I wish I could do it all the time.

Wednesday, 17 Jun 

Guess what?! CUPCAKES! I made Oreo cupcakes today just for kicks. Some of them had a full Oreo on the bottom, others were just chocolate cupcakes with an Oreo on top of the homemade butter-cream frosting. It was so much fun, though honestly I think the frosting was WAAAAAY too sweet.

Friday, 19 Jun

OMG… Today, my postdoc brought a giant magnolia into lab to do an experiment on. The flower was AS BIG AS MY FACE! After my fascination with it, he told me how when his baby girl was just born, he took a picture of her with one of the leaves; that must’ve been quite a sight!  He thought aloud and said that maybe he should take a picture of her with a leaf now that she’s no longer a baby; she’s currently two.

“Today” I learned

  • Chicken and ranch is NOT my thing. Actually, correction: ranch is just NOT to my liking.
  • You can make one individual FaceTime call per Apple device.
  • Canola oil is the same thing as rapeseed oil — yes, there is a plant called rapeseed. The Rapeseed Association of Canada changed the name to “canola” oil in the 70’s due to the negative connotation with the plant name.

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