Food, Food, Food…Oh! And a Game. (5-13 Jun)

The inside of Memorial Hall on Harvard campus.

Friday, 5 Jun

With the sun rising in the sky, with a cool breeze in the air, I set out on an adventure to the theatre district. I had a training session to attend there. It was quite pleasant and I’d say I learned quite a bit. Afterwards, our group had lunch with the staff in the office. They just had a fundraising event the night before and had all kinds of delicious food left over in their office. As with most offices, they were trying to get rid of it as fast as possible, so they invited the five of us to have lunch with them. It was quite funny how liberally I consumed what was offered; the others in my group were rather hesitant. On top of getting free food, they also had gifts left over from the event as well — mugs with Hershey’s kisses in them. So, naturally, they shoved the mugs at us and had us all take one home — at least THAT was successful.

Upon the completion of stuffing my face silly with free leftovers, I calculated it wasn’t worth the effort to go back to work, as it was already 2pm and it’d take me an hour to commute back down and then I’d be in for only 2 hours before finishing up the day. Thus, I set off on an expedition to find my lab some contact cement — it’s like rubber cement, but not — for our sectioning sessions — well, MY sectioning sessions. Contact cement was much harder to find than I expected, especially in the tubular containers we were used to in my lab. Along the journey, I picked me up a set of razor blades at an art store and some new clothes at the Goodwill and Boomerangs nearby. My oh my, the used clothes sections were so nice since all the students had recently moved out. There were more brand name clothes, with SUCH a vast array to select from, and more size selections, particularly for my hard-to-find petite size — I was beyond happy to say the least.

When my mission was complete, I took the liberty to take a trip over to Haymarket in an attempt to find some lovely fruits for next week’s lunch. Lucky me! I got some of my beloved Lady Alice apples — 6 for $2, compared to 7 for $12 at the Star Market —  and a cute pint of blueberries.

Just something awesome I saw in Harvard Square. I thought I’d share.

Thursday, 11 Jun 

So, interesting thing about my work place. We have a career fair kind of thing for employees who want to apply to various jobs within the system — aka internal career fair for internal jobs. It’s ingenious and absolutely AWESOME! I mean, I didn’t get around much, as I’m really shy in big crowds and the like, but I sure did get a good glimpse of how many people were interested in exploring other job opportunities within the system and how acceptable it is. I love it!

After a tiring few hours of shadowing the crowd of people, I headed over to Crema Cafe to meet up with a friend. I had a quiche there for a late brunch. It was pretty good, but it definitely made me change my mind about making a quiche at home for breakfast. I think it’s delicious, but just not my thing with the soft and fluffy egg-y goodness it has to it. Along with it, I had a blue flower earl grey tea — I’m pretty sure the “blue flower” was cornflower. Yum yum do I love my earl grey!

Saturday, 13 Jun 

It sucks to be a cripple. It’s probably even worse to be a cripple living in a third-floor apartment with no air conditioning in the summer. Thus is the situation one of my new friends is in. The poor guy fractured his heel riding his bike to work recently. Now he’s home-bound and slowly developing a serious case of cabin fever. In an attempt to cheer him up, our group of friends decided to go over to his house for beer and a board game instead of going hiking. One of the guys brought over this strange, “hipster” board game called Small World. Trying to get into it at first was quite confusing, but thankfully I caught on alright by the end. I was partnered with a girl, who also had no idea how to play the game, while each guy played alone, as it’s supposed to be, and — lucky us — we actually ended up third place out of five. I’m quite proud of that little, fun accomplishment despite how silly that is.

“Today” I learned

  • There are multiple types of dementia.
  • Dementia is a symptom of Alezheimer’s but not the other way around.
  • Symptoms of dementia can also show up in (mostly female) elders who have a urinary tract infection (UTI). It goes away as soon as the infection disappears.
  • For my accident prone cooking (or burning pans to a crisp), I should spend the extra money to buy pots and pans that are oven-safe up to 400°F.

Random Pictures

What…in….the….WORLD is this?!

I like learning to make food…

I love the chalkboard signs people make here. ❤


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