New Sights, New Foods (22-27 May)

Because, since moving here, I have a dogwood obsession.

The commuter rail is decked out in PURPLE (or as some people might say, plum or raspberry).

Friday, 22 May
Today was the day I’d see my boyfriend again after 3 months! To be honest, I was rather frazzled today and with recent events that the excitement the day didn’t really phase me. I got out of work slightly earlier than usual just so I could pick him up, but I ended up getting to the airport 1 hour late. Not to mention, my phone’s battery was dying for the day because I had forgotten to charge my external battery pack. It was rather frustrating. On my trip up to the airport, I was following Google Map instructions, but with the bus system here, I ended up missing 3 buses — because two of them were “ghost buses” — and then a few that WOULD have also taken me a different route to the airport. It’s hard to believe that despite the fact that I’ve lived here for almost half a year and I still don’t know the area well enough to navigate around such incidents as this. In the end, I took a commuter rail up to South Station so I could take a Silver Line bus up to the airport. Little did I know, the commuter rail is an ACTUAL train system — as I imagine a train system to be — with the paying of the tickets ON the train, then them punching a train ticket for you. This commuter rail was rather strange, but I guess it made sense. There were only 4 stops between where I got on and where I got off; these stop were the 4 MAJOR stops along the regular T line trains. Upon arriving at the airport, I was frazzled as Ms. Frizzle‘s hair and didn’t really take the time to read the signs. I didn’t remember that arrivals arrived on the upper level while departures were the lower level — despite the fact that almost ALL airports I’ve been to and remember the layout of work that way — so I looked all around the lower level for my boyfriend who ARRIVED an hour earlier. In this kind of time of distress, I sought the help of the nifty information desk. Thank goodness they were able to connect to the PA system and call for my boyfriend to show up on the lower level. What a frustrating and nerve-wrecking day. Yet, with one hug, everything felt just a little better.

The weekly events chalkboard inside Hostelling International, Boston.

Saturday, 23 May

Today I got to see the inside of the ONE hostel in Boston for the first time: Hostelling International in the Theatre District. Boy were their prices EXPENSIVE. Hostelling my way around Ireland and some of the United Kingdom, I found it to be rather affordable, but here at Hostelling International Boston, it was about $50-70 per night! YIKES! On the plus side, they look quite clean, as far as I can tell and they have tours and events that happen weekly listed on their blackboard not the common area.

Because I’m now one of those crazy foodie photographer people — now I understand how my friend felt moving into a big city from a small town.

Anyhow, our day’s explorations first took us to fill up on food at a quaint place with a touch of classy called Abby Lane in the theatre district. Our waiter Skylar was incredibly patient with us as we bombarded him with questions about the menu before finally selecting a few dishes for lunch. I just appreciate it so much when a waiter or waitress gives service with a smile and a pleasant demeanour. After filling up on some prosciutto and eggplant, chicken, clam chowder and delicious fish and chips, we took a short stroll through the Boston Commons. Here the city of Boston had set up a “flag garden” for Memorial Day.

Monday, 25 May

The days long awaited passed us by so quickly, bringing us to today: our last day together until we meet again. Thankfully, my adopted family of friends here made it rather special, inviting us last minute for a picnic-on-the-whim. My beau and I thought, “Why not?” and hurried ourselves out the door for a few hours. We had a lovely time taking in the little joys of the day as we spent time with my friends playing games and socialising for the few hours we could before we hurried ourselves off to catch the train to send him off back home to the West Coast.

Some DELICIOUS chicken teriyaki donburi at Wagamama.

Wednesday, 27 May 

A few days ago, I was chasing down my professor to figure out what kind of slide boxes he wanted me to order, since he’s apparently rather particular about what kind of slide boxes we purchase. Today, all 144 of them arrived. It was insane.

Anyhow, aside from  that, I left work early to go up to Cambridge for an appointment. Then, on my way back, I decided to indulge in some chicken teriyaki at Wagamama. It was absolutely scrumptious, aside from  the awkward juice I ordered — which was delicious but just very different from the norm in terms of juice — the super green with apple, mint and CELERY.

The two lovely cheesecakes I made. Top: two different “dollop” patterns I made. Bottom: the result after I swirled it around with a — yes, I’m asian — chopstick!

Upon arriving home, I got to work making a cheesecake from a recipe I had found and was intrigued by. Oddly enough, the recipe originally calls for a spring-form pan to make the cake in, along with a homemade crust. I was too lazy to make the crust so I bought 2 crusts at the store. Amazingly enough, the filling for ONE cake fit in TWO store-bought crusts. Yay! In short, I ended up making two cheesecakes.

“Today” I Learned

  • Massachusetts state law states that liquor is not allowed to be sold on Memorial Day. I wonder why.

Guess where I was when I learned my fact of the week?!

Other Pictures:

The bathroom doors at Abby Lane. AREN’T THEY CUTE?! ❤

The glass staircase at the 3-story Apple Store on Boylston St.

And…a flower, because I’m a botanist. 🙂


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