The Intersection of Summer and Spring (10-13 May)

This is a lilac, in case you’re curious. This is the lilac in our collections known as “Wonderblue” (aka Syringa vulgaris ‘Wonderblue’).

Sunday, 10 May 

Today is THE big day at the Arnold Arboretum: Lilac Sunday. Every year the Arnold Arboretum where I work puts on this big event to celebrate the blooming of their lilac collection. I had the luck of working the event. It was mad busy. Sadly though, we only sold approximately half of the shirts because it was hot — as in it was California weather today: mid-70s to low 80s — and the design this year was black.

Before the event started, some random Asian lady who was visiting from China stopped me and asked me questions in Chinese. Then, to be proceeded shocked when I responded to her in Chinese and questioned how I knew Chinese.  Alas, being an American-born Asian, I can never win when it comes to people’s assumptions about me.

With that aside, I was busy working our Lilac Sunday event the whole day long; I had so much fun working that I almost forgot to eat my lunch! Oh me, oh my. Funny thing: my friend who works for Roxy’s Grilled Cheese was working the event as well — in a food truck. After she was done, she was telling me how crazy it was and how people were upset that the truck ran out of food half way through  — despite the fact that they arrived with a full truck-load of food — and how they were upset that the truck didn’t have any more food 30 minutes prior to closing. Oh people. On a side note: there’s such a thing as a bacon truck! (Pictures below! Lilac pictures will be in a later post, as I didn’t get around to them until the next weekend, since I work in a research building during the week day.)

Monday, 11 May 

Good news everyone! My postdoc has announced to me that I did a perfect section on Friday. We have everything we need in the 15+ slides I sectioned for that ONE SAMPLE (just as a reference, that’s about 2 hour’s work and ~350-400 sections). WOOOO!!!!

Wednesday, 13 May 

O…M…G. So, I didn’t know this was a thing, but, today, I saw some lady riding on what’s essentially a tricycle for adults!

Aside from that, my other fascination of the day: the size difference between pigeons and sparrows. I’ve seen pigeons, I’ve seen sparrows, but I’ve never really seen — or maybe just noticed — a pigeon and sparrow in the same area or next to each other. Thus, I’ve never thought about the difference in their sizes. However, today was my lucky — can I use “lucky” in this  context? — day. There they were, three little sparrows and a pigeon. Man, those sparrows were so small, two or three of them could’ve fit in the pigeon’ stomach!

“Today” I Learned

  • “Pesto” doesn’t just refer to the pesto as we know it made from a basil base — though that is the original meaning of “pesto” in Italian — it can also be made from arugula or spinach.
  • “Virgin hair” is hair that hasn’t been chemically treated (e.g. dyed, bleached, permed, straightened).

Lilac Sunday Pictures

This was pretty much my view of our lilac collections. (There’s less people because I took the picture a week later.)


Disclaimer: I took most of the following pictures from the back of our truck when we were cleaning up. There were A LOT more people when I was working the whole day.



Look! people! Hahaha, just kidding, it’s all about the flowering trees!!!!

Yes, green exists in the arboretum. It’s more green than I expected when I started working: 251 acres of land!

More people!!! (This was as we headed towards the food trucks area.)

Food truck row (all but 2-3 food trucks). I think they ordered 20 food trucks. One of which includes…

THE BACON TRUCK!!!! (For all you lovers of bacon.)







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