For the Love of Food and Fun (6-9 May)

Tulips are in bloom!

Wednesday, 6 May 

At work today, we had a big annual  event: The 10th Annual Plant Biology Initiative Symposium. When I heard about it a few months ago and decided I wanted to attend, I emailed the people in charge and asked to volunteer. Crazy, I know, especially when they asked that I help with morning registration at 8am — meaning I’d have to wake up at 6am, catch the bus by 7am to get to work by 8am — but you know the funny thing is I rather enjoyed it. I got such a rush from just being up and about so early, though I did crash pretty hard at the end of the day. I helped out on and off and attended a few lectures here and there. I got to meet the Communications and Events Coordinator for Harvard’s Organismic and Evolutionary Biology department, and a nice waiter from Jules Catering, who was at the event from beginning to end. Oh, and the best part: the delicious food served all day and a lovely lunch catered by Canto 6 Bakery, they had SUCH ADORABLE names like “Peas and Harmony” and “Guac in the Park”. Sorry, I have no pictures, things were crazy busy all day.

My oatmeal raisin — I despise raisins — cookie from the symposium had a nice, pretty salt crystal on it. Too bad my phone camera wasn’t that great at capturing it and I was too hungry to pull out my other camera.

Friday, 8 May

Sometimes I think my sectioning knives like to tease me. Today’s sectioning attempts did not go very well. The knives would section a portion of the sample very prettily, then just flake out shortly after. It’s like they’re trying to pull my strings on purpose!

On the bright side, I ran out of the house without having had breakfast nor preparing lunch, which is TOTALLY unusual for me. Yet despite that, I was fed real well because we had events going on in our building once again. There was a random event that had 5 boxes of leftover medium-sized pizza, which was inhaled — and I mean inhaled, it was gone faster than I thought possible for eating — by our building staff and researchers in a matter of 3 hours. Then, in the afternoon, we had a visiting lab from main campus over for their lab meeting and we fired up our barbecue out on the porch for some burgers and hot dogs — with drinks — cooked by our visiting, vegetarian postdoc from main campus. Surprisingly, the burgers were pretty delicious, considering he was a vegetarian and had never handled a grill before.

A cute little walk along the Brookline Reservoir. So pretty with all the flowers in bloom.

Saturday, 9 May 

Today was another one of my once-in–while hobby of swing dancing days. I had paid for and attended some classes as part of Revival Day. I ran into some dancers I had previously met at other events, one of which explained to me some new moves I learned in class today. One of them she described as the “I gotta pee” move and another as the”wipe my butt.” I love it! The best part was probably seeing the final two teachers teach. The lady instructor had a ballet background and a sassy Latin attitude to her. The male didn’t instructor seem to have any dance experience other than swing. When they were teaching this one move, the guy described it as “fall off the log” and the lady said, “It’s essentially a pas de bourree.” He jokingly scoffed at her for using her “fancy ballet term,” but hearing it made learning the move so much easier because I’ve taken a general dance class — and I was a show choir/glee club girl — and I took hours trying to learn and perfect my pas de bourree. Isn’t it funny how things from various parts of your life relate to each  other?

“Today” I Learned 

  • “Chemo Curls”: when people develop really kinky/curly hair due to a previous Chemo treatment, damaging the machinery that creates a hair type based on your genes

My updated panoramic of the Brookline Reservoir from March to May of this year!


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