Boston Sunshine and Smiles (3-5 May)

Tulips are in bloom! SUCH BEAUTY! ❤

Sunday, 3 May

I was out and about today and then I realised that I hadn’t had food — it was already 1pm and I’d been up since 8am. So, I dropped by McDonald’s and got my current favourite thing on the menu: the $2 for 2 4-piece chicken nuggets. It was rather toasty outside too, so I also got an Oreo McFlurry. It was really good, but OH…MY…GOSH…in the middle of eating it, I realised that this is the first time I’m having a McFlurry ALL BY MYSELF! Usually when I go out for a McFlurry, I’m sharing with other people, just nibbling a bit off of theirs. This time, I’m having it ALL BY MYSELF! Boy was that WAAAAAYYYY too much sugar and ice cream.

Anyhow, after a “lunch of champions” — as my boyfriend called it — I headed on over to the South End Open Market. Today was opening day! I haven’t been out for markets and things like that around Boston quite yet, so I figured this would be a good first glance. It wasn’t as spectacular as I had expected, as it was divided into three segments along a block, but it was still fun. I met up with my girlfriend and some of her friends/acquaintances there. We walked through the art block, I browsed the small artists/crafts/farmer’s market they had, and we had lunch at the food trucks block.

Believe it or not, this was my first food truck event. It was fun, but not particularly exciting. One of my friends just happened to be working on the Roxy’s Grilled Cheese truck and she was saying how crazy it was for her the whole time, from the 10am opening until closing at 4pm, she didn’t get to take a break because it was so busy! She was also saying how they brought more than they could fit into the truck, and yet in the middle of the event, they had to call their manager to pick up more supplies because they ran out. At some point, the only thing they had left were lemonades. Crazy. Then, she told me how it was a food truck employee thing to try and save a couple bits of their food from the day to trade with other food truck employees so that they could eat something other than what they had been making all day. Interesting, and definitely smart.

The little quilted heart I found.

Monday, 4 May

Happy point #1: YAY! After 4 days without a bus pass and lots of walking, I finally got my transit pass in the mail! Good thing replacing my transit pass through my work-linked benefits system was easier and faster than I anticipated.

Happy point #2: I Found a Quilted Heart! It was the cutest thing. It was hidden in the bush, blending into the wood. When I saw it on my way home, it made me smile. As I went to take a closer look at the patterns, the wind threatened to blow it away as I read: “I need a home.” So I took it with me, happily reminded that being mindful and taking in my surroundings help to make me happier than if I just quickly rush through my day to day life.

Tuesday, 5 May

The days are getting hotter. When I left home today, it was already 68°F/20°C. Yet, I’ve been spending day after day in the green house repotting one of our the tanks of water lilies. Today I finished the  tank.It totaled 68 individual plants.

“Today” I Learned

Additional Pictures:

Some cute little violets there too.

Some normal-looking tulips then this FIERY-looking one along the Green C line on the T.

Some magnolias from someone’s front yard…

…showing off their colours and complexity…

…And just waving ‘hi’ as I walk by.

A daffodil (withered) and pansy tribune along the Green C line for the survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings.

This is a freeway/highway in Boston…IT’S SO TINY!

A panoramic of the South End Open Market near closing time.


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