Every End is a New Beginning (24-30 Apr)

The insides of a tulip…apparently.

Some cute little blue flowers (probably bluebells of some sort). ❤

Friday, 24 Apr

It’s spring cleaning time! Instead of starting with a physical cleaning — which I still need to do, as I still haven’t finished unpacking — I started with a schedule cleaning. I’ve noticed I’m not sleeping well, partially because I’m over working. So, I decided to map out my hours so I stay on task more and also go home on time so I get enough sleep. Boy was that extremely necessary.

Stelline Pastina. Top: dried little stars. Bottom: star-speckled vegetable soup!

Sunday, 26 Apr

I sure surprised myself today. I was up and out the door by 8:30am. What did I do that early in the morning? One of my odd favorite things: grocery shopping.

Shortly after I got home, I made some pomegranate lemonade based on this nifty lemonade-making chart thing on Pinterest. Then, some vegetable soup with stelline pastina instead of alphabet letter-shaped pasta.

Next item in the checklist: spring cleaning. Thankfully, my roommate stepped out for this portion of the day. I went crazy Swiffer-ing, then vacuuming the floor. I was going to mop too, but I decided a short vacuuming should be enough until my next quarter’s cleaning frenzy. Then, the laundry gone done: sheets washed and  swapped — and clothes too! I’m feel accomplished today!


Then, to finish a lovely, productive day, I made my favourite banana bread recipe. Sadly, I might replace this recipe soon, as recent trials have not proved fruitful, not to mention I just saw a recipe for Flour Bakery banana bread — that includes cinnamon, my FAVOURITE addition to my favourite banana bread recipe. Sound promising!

Tuesday, 28 Apr

Sectioning knives hate me. Every knife I’ve tested to do my sectioning has utterly failed these few days to the point where I’m not making much progress because I’m not producing any results. Ah the frustrations of result-based jobs. After a day frustrating day, I thought a nice walk home would calm my nerves. Little did I think about the fact that my route home was along roads that are poorly lit while I was walking home after sunset. Oops.

Pan di Stelle attempt #3.

Wednesday, 29 Apr

Today, I decided to make some sweets. My recipe of choice: another attempt at this particular Italian chocolate hazelnut biscuit/cookie recipe. I can’t say it turned out well, as it came out to be more bready than it’s supposed to be, though it was still delicious simply because it was chocolate. I guess third time was not the charm for this recipe.

Thursday, Apr 30

OMG OMG OMG!!! I found the Lady Alice at Star Market today. NON-organic, but still delicious!!!!! Sadly, it was still super expensive — alas, I guess that’s what I get for being a picky apple eater. Oddly enough though, when I typed in the produce code to pay at the self-checkout, it registered it as the Envy apple. They’re not the same thing people! WHY! WHY?!!! Anyways, I ended up buying 4 whole pounds of this apple, at $3/lb. So….I paid $12 for a bunch of apples. Ha….ha….ha…Oh me, oh my.

On a side note, I was stupid enough to lose my MONTHLY transit pass on the last day. I already have the month of May paid for on it! *sighs* I guess I’ll be walking a lot more the next few days until I get my replacement card in the mail.

“Today” I Learned

  • Spring cleaning is a thing. Apparently, some people go so far as to IRON THEIR CURTAINS!
  • Chicken egg shells are different colours and sizes based on the breed of the hen. However, egg yolks are different colours based on the diet of the hen so some eggs may be orange, or reddish, or white instead of the “usual” yellow.
  • Route/Interstate 95 is a freeway that forms a belt around Boston, but goes all along the East Coast…or something like that. Seriously weird.
  • There is a spot of land called Castle Island along Boston Harbour even though you can get to it just my ground transportation. Why? Because in the past when the water levels are high, the land around it is actually submerged, so the “island” is ACTUALLY an island.

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