Red Sox, Marathon and Beets (19-22 Apr)

This cute little daffodil I saw at the bottom of a fence on my walk to work.


The B-line ALL looked like this to Kenmore. It was frightening!

Sunday, 19 Apr

I walked to work again today, since my grad student is still out of town. It was a pleasant, sunny day to go for a walk. [Pictures below!] On my way back, I thought it’d be a nice change to take the train instead. Boy was that a terrible call. Apparently, there’s a Red Sox game on, meaning every part of every Green Line train going towards Kenmore was PACKED (because Fenway Park, the baseball stadium for the Red Sox is off of that station). Oh well, couldn’t turn back once I got on.

Anyways, upon arriving back in my neighbourhood, I though about it and decided to see if my girlfriend was available to hang out. Turns out, she’s sick, but at school. So, I went home — after buying some ingredients — and made her some delicious chicken noodle soup. As soon as I finished, since it was a couple hours worth of a recipe because the soup stock was practically made from scratch, I packed it all up in my precious mason jars and walked over to her area to give it to her as soon as she got off the train.

I waited at the McDonald’s nearby. Sitting there made me crave an apple pie, so I ordered one. DUDE! It took them 10 MINUTES to TAKE MY ORDER and give me an apple pie (that took 3 minutes) when there was NO ONE IN LINE! Ridiculous, especially since those apple pies only take maybe 5 minutes max to warm up. Anyways…rant over.

The intersection of Chestnut Hill Ave. and Beacon St. Craziness!


Monday, 20 Apr

So today is Patriots’ Day, some absurd holiday that the Bostonians celebrate and people get the day off! (Not me, though.) It’s also the day of the Boston Marathon, apparently some REALLY big running event. Too bad the weather ain’t too good for it, but of course on it will go. One of the main streets I cross every day to get to my bus stop was LINED with Boston Police because it was part of the track where the runners were running. Strange, but eh.

Look a that gorgeous inside of a red beet!

After work, I went over to Whole Foods and bought some beets because I wanted to make some delicious beet chips. OMG! There were (regular) “red” beets and then a “golden” beet that looked like an inflated carrot. I didn’t know which one to choose, so I bought them both. I took them home and sliced them on my mandoline. Boy are beets pretty, both after you cut off the greens and the slices of the roots themselves. Sadly to report, my beet chips didn’t go so well; my mandoline didn’t cut the beets thin enough for chip-making.

The logo of the Lady Alice apple. This one just happened to be organic.

On a side note: I found some Lady Alice apples at the Whole Foods. They were rather expensive, but I had to buy a couple. Lady Alice apples are one of my favourite apples. ❤

Yay! Stroganoff!

Tuesday, 21 Apr

Today was sort of frustrating at work. After about 3 months of sectioning the way I do it, my postdoc decided to finally observe me while I’m sectioning and tell me that I’m doing it wrong. Argh. Totally not cool. On the bright side, tonight I made ground beef stroganoff for dinner. Yay! How  exciting! Absolutely scrumptious!

Wednesday, 22 Apr

My grad student came in for half the day today after her lovely vacation in New Zealand. We caught up on what was going on and shifted my work schedule around a bit so I am actually dedicating half of my hours to the postdoc’s work and the other half to the graduate students work.

“Today” I Learned

  • Patriots’ Day is a day celebrated by Massachusetts and Wisconsin (it’s Patriot’s  Day — notice the apostrophe — in Maine) to commemorate the battles of Lexington  and Concord, the first battles of the American Revolutionary War.
  • Beet greens — the leaves growing from the beet root — can be eaten; it tastes a lot like kale.
  • In the 1930s there were a lot of floating opals made. The guy who came up with the idea had a whole formulaic method to making the jewellery piece, from the trapping of the bubble to enable the opal pieces to move within the globe, to the liquid for suspending the opal pieces, to the type of glass to be used!

Additional Pictures

So…it began with this person’s front yard…(No, I’m serious, this is someone’s front yard.)

There’s some flaming tulips in bloom along the sidewalk.

Some cute little purple flowers

And some gorgeous white ones!

Oh! And here’s a daffodil from another place.

Saw this at Jamaica Pond: two dads bonding over walking with baby strollers. CUTE!

Oh right…flowers. Here’s some cute little buds that made my day when the clouds were gray.

And a baby crocus bud.

And to finish it off, take a look at the wonders you can find in your own kitchen! Top: stems of a beet root after the green leaves have been cut off. Bottom: a cross section of a beet root.




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