“Windows to the Soul” or So the Saying Goes… (16-18 Apr)

Some pretty flowers I sighted along my walk to work. (I seriously need a flowers guide right about now.)

In my eyes, are the galaxies! No, but seriously, that’s the inside of one of my eyeballs.

Thursday, 16 Apr 

I had my first optometry appointment in a while. I did a quick check-up and paid for a new retinal imaging technique to be done to me. This new technology is called Optomap. The optometrist was telling me that usually when they look at your eye, they just simply LOOK at it. Without a record of what your eye looked like the previous year(s), it’s hard to remember any changes in the eye and/or notice small things developing. However, with a digital record of your retina, they can track the progression of changes more easily, especially if you’re constantly going to different eye doctors. I think it’s nifty.

Friday, 17 Apr 

So, I was working late again today — I really need to stop doing that — and ended up walking home again. On the plus side, I got to take another panoramic of the Brookline Reservoir from the same perspective as I took the first time. Take a look at the difference:

The Brookline Reservoir in early March, and now in mid April.

A cute little magnolia I saw during my walk today.

Saturday, 18 Apr 

I got to walk to work again today since the grad student is out of town still. Funny thing about walking places, I like to look around a lot. On my way to work today, I found a broken Fossil watch next to a trash can. As it was a shiny thing, my first instinct was to pick it up. So I picked it up and continued along my walk. I got bored and found out soon after that apparently it would cost me only $45 to repair this $100+ watch! The only thing is, it’s a men’s watch and it’s too fancy for all the lovely sporty people I know. I don’t know what to do with it. Oh well.

“Today ” I Learned

  • So apparently, if you need glasses and/or contacts, your eyeball expands, which STRETCHES your retina! This causes retinal thinning and makes it prone to detachment! How scary!
  • Contacts require a different prescription because they need to make sure your contacts fit, especially as the base curve of each person’s eyeball is different (and some other things), so they want to ensure comfort and proper fitting of contacts.

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