April Sunshine, April Flowers (12-14 Apr)

Crocuses are in bloom! AHH!!!! ~ ❤

Sunday, 12 Apr

OMG SPRING IS HERE! I got so pumped today. I went out and about around 12pm to go in to work (because my graduate student is out of town). I walked there; WALKED — okay, so most of you might think this is crazy, walking so many miles, but to me, it was gloriously fun — almost 4.5 miles (7 kilometers). It was a beautiful day for a walk. The sun was out, the sky was clear, the temperature was in the mid-50’s to high 60’s (Farenheit, which means 15-20°C). With the sun out, flowers were popping up everywhere and I could see the eye-catching colours on various houses I’d previously walked by. Oh it was a splendid day! [Pictures below]

Monday, 13 Apr 

So, every Monday, my workplace usually has a lecture from a researcher for an hour and then pizza afterward. Typically, we’d eat in the lunch room all huddled up to talk, safe from the weather. Today, we had lunch on the patio! OMG it was so warm — though it was also rather windy — for the first time this spring, the temperature broke 70°F/21°C!

Tuesday, 14 Apr

On the way to work today, a group of young men got on the bus. I could hear from their accents that they weren’t American.; I asked them where there from. One of them responded that they’re a all-men’s acapella group (12 of them total) from Exeter, a city/town in the southwest of the United Kingdom. So, me being me, I searched them up. Turns out, they’re Semi-Toned from Exeter University. I wish I could’ve heard them sing. Oh how I miss acapella.

On other notes: food adventures! I made potato and corn chowder (I didn’t feel like adding bacon to it). Yum yum. No pictures, because I was too hungry and inhaled it without taking a picture.

“Today ” I Learned

  • Food by the pound is usually not worth it, aka buying food at a “food bar” at a grocery store.
  • Helen Keller‘s teacher Anne Sullivan was also blind and began teaching 7-year old Helen when she was 20-years old. She stayed by Helen’s side for 49 years until she died at the age of 70.
  • Boston has a day to honor those who died in the Boston Marathon bombing 2 years ago called One Boston Day.

Additional Pictures

Don’t be afraid to stand tall!

OMG look at this house! It must’ve been here for CENTURIES (or they remodeled it to look this way, but I like to imagine the former).

Some cute little flowers popping up. I think they’re hyacinths!

Hey, you! Spring is here! Let’s celebrate!

I think it’s a lily…

A lovely panoramic of the Brookline Reservoir.

Another lovely house along my walk to work.

AWESOME HOUSE along Arborway. Imagine having a catapult at the very top of it!

A panoramic of the Jamaica Pond. Not much of a “pond,” I’d say. It’s REALLY big.


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