The Ups and Downs of Work-Life Balance (9-11 Apr)

See those rings? That’s what happens when you leave coffee sitting around for a couple week. Me? No. I wouldn’t do that.

Thursday, 9 Apr

This week has been rather frustrating. My sectioning is yielding no results. It’s one of those weeks I feel useless and wonder why they hired me, then am grateful that they choose to keep me.

On another note, I’m rather bummed out today. Aside from all the work things, I found out that I’ve apparently lost my favourite United Colours of Benetton wool beret between today and last Sunday.

Friday, 10 Apr

I haven’t been going dancing in awhile now, so I took a leap and went out tonight straight after work to attend Boston Swing Central’s birthday  celebration. It was so much fun with a live band playing and a rather talented, young singer.

After dancing the night away — literally, I was dancing until 12am — a small group of us went out for some midnight snacks at Border Cafe. We stayed out until 2:30am. Boy was I pooped when I got, luckily, driven home.

Saturday, 11 Apr

Since I pretty much never stay out late, I did the unthinkable today — for me, personally — and slept in until 2:30pm. It felt good, but I felt like I wasted my day away. I don’t know how people do it, sleeping in this late!

“Today” I Learned 

  • Charoset is a sweet paste eaten as part of the Passover Seder plate. The ingredients for it vary from place to place. The colour is always red in the end to symbolise the mortar/mud/clay used by the Israelites during their enslavement by the Egyptians. It is typically eaten with matzo.
  • Busking is playing music or performing on the street/in public for voluntary donations.
  • Haymarket is not just an area/T stop in Boston, but it’s an open air farmer’s market that happens every Friday and Saturday!
  • The USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) has a listing of farmer’s market you can search!

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