The Joys of Fooding (5-8 Apr)

A crocus in bloom after a bout of rain.


My sun-dried tomato fetticcine. Yeah, it looks kinda gross, it’s ’cause I used frozen spinach.

Sunday, 5 Apr

He is risen! (He is risen, indeed!)
HE IS risen! (He IS RISEN, indeed!)

Apparently that’s the proper “greeting” on Easter Sundays if you go to church. It was interesting to say the least.

In other news, I had lots of fun today making lots of food. I started by making a sun-dried tomato fettuccine (a Cheesecake Factory copycat recipe). OH MY GOSH, IT IS AMAZING. I mean, sure it didn’t LOOK the best since I decided to use frozen spinach instead of fresh spinach. But it was still delicious nonetheless.

My delectable strawberry lemon muffins. YUM!

Upon completing my first recipe,  my need to cook and make food was still not satiated, so I processed some strawberries I had previously bought. So, I might sound crazy, but I’m not a big strawberry person. I don’t really eat strawberries. When I do, I dip them in pure sugar — like, LITERALLY strawberry + granulated sugar –> om nom nom nom. Anyhow, I had bought a box  of strawberries about a week ago and I figured I should do something with them. So, I thought about it long and hard — no, not really, I searched for recipes on Pinterest — and I decided and set to make some strawberry lemon muffins. When I finished, I looked upon my work and saw that it was good — it tasted good too! Anyways, HAPPY EASTER!

Some snowdrops I met. They were out to greet me and announce the arrival of spring!

Monday, 6 Apr

Today was the day for our monthly staff meeting. Yay! So, I researched a new bus route to get to work. Thankfully it was a bus route I had previously taken because I was in a hurry/leaving work late. It was quite fun, but it was strange because the stop where I had to switch buses was at the border of a more “janky” neighbourhood and the border of a rather wealthy neighbourhood.

After work, I went a-splurging.  So, I had gotten a brand new ceramic pan when I first moved in. After 3 months of mistreating it — and thereby ruining it — I decided it was time to buy a new pan and learn how to treat it properly. So, now I must learn to treat my new ceramic pan with respect. Oh my, this will be a challenge: no scrubbing allowed.

On my way back home, I was hungry and was craving some McDonald’s chicken nuggets. Why McDonald’s? NO IDEA. I was contemplating the 4-pieces for a buck or the 10-piece meal — 10 seemed like too much, and 4 seemed too little. I hesitated and decided on the 4. Then suddenly, the guy next to me was inquiring about a late night menu I hadn’t seen. I ended up getting lucky and the late night menu offered 2 4-piece sets for $2, so 8 pieces for $2. PERFECT! I was SOOOO happy! ❤ Oh my, have I missed the occassional McDonald’s trip. Hahahahaha.

Tuesday, 7 Apr 

Today was another one of those days: I arrived exactly in time — meaning 9am for me — to work, but no one was around! The postdoc was out teaching for the day and my grad student? Well, she’s out for vacation for two weeks.

Wednesday, 8 Apr

OMG OMG OMG OMG I love meeting new friends. Having dinner with new friends who aren’t awkward: best thing ever. So, I had met this guy Zac at a department-wide welcome thing for new employees. It was rather fun, though I was definitely the odd one out considering everyone else worked in administration or in student services on main campus. And me? I’m a lab tech working about 10 miles away from main campus. HAHAHAHA. But — back to the story — I met Zac as we were starting to wrap ourselves up to prepare for going outside in the winter cold a few months back. We exchanged infos and made plans to meet — eventually.

Tonight was that eventually; we met up and had dinner together. The place wasn’t THAT great for non-curry dishes, but pretty good for the curry. It was wonderful to catch up and to be able to just get to know another person for a bit. It was fun hearing his stories about what life in Boston has been like and how he got to where he is now and all. We had a great time just hanging out and talking. Alas, if only I could do this more often without worries of whether or not the guy is hitting on me — which he wasn’t….I hope. I miss true, genuine people who just want to spend time to get to know each other and have fun, no intentions but fun and creating a simple connection.

A random picture I took out of amusement.

“Today” I Learned

  • How to write Harvard in Chinese: 哈佛
  • Foundries are/were a thing. I didn’t know that when I went to Foundry’s on Elm a few weekends ago. A foundry is/was a factory for casting metal.

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