The New Beginnings of Spring (1-4 Apr)


Wednesday, 1 Apr

It’s April Fool’s Day. I’m glad to say that  my roommate and I aren’t the types to play pranks today. Though, it was quite strange this morning. As I was walking to the bus stop today to go to work, there was a lady from the Department of Public Transportation writing up tickets for EVERY car on the street. I was hoping it was some kind of elaborate April Fool’s joke. When I got to work, my grad student reminded me that tickets are issued on street sweeping days. I forgot that’s a thing, especially since I haven’t seen a street sweeper since I moved here to  Boston. On my way home, I took note of the signs in the street, they stated that street sweeping is done every other week between April and November.

On another note, I’m  really impressed by the lady who drives the bus I take to work the majority of the time. Since the new spring bus schedule came out a few weeks ago, I’ve been seeing more and more of her. The bus is scheduled to leave at 8:40am every morning and she’ll leave at 8:40 on the dot, every time — which requires her to start pulling out of the station at 8:38am due to traffic; that’s impressive! Also, I saw my first spring squirrel! Yay!

Thursday, 2 Apr

Achievement unlocked! Oh wait, life isn’t a game…or is it? Just kidding. Haha. Today, I managed to section a ribbon so long my arms couldn’t stretch far enough to keep it in one piece, so it broke shortly after my arm reached its limit. My estimate is that it was probably about 1.5 feet long. I’m proud of myself!

Friday, 3 Apr

It’s getting warm here in Boston. Today, the weather was in the low 50s to high 60s (in Farenheit). My perfect weather.

Another positive of the day: there were barely any people at reading group, only members of my lab group of four people. Since we never have official lab meetings, it was nice to hear what’s going on in the lab that I don’t know about. Also, it was nice to spend a little time with my principal investigator (PI), especially since he IS the Director of the Arboretum, and thus VERY, VERY busy all the time.

Mmmmm pho! ❤

Saturday, 4 Apr

Walking to work today was quite pleasant, I saw my first spring cardinal. YAY! Though, I didn’t get to take a picture of it. It flew by too fast. Also, the crocus buds are out! Pictures of crocuses are soon to follow — when they bloom. YAY!

Also, I had my first bowl of pho in a loooong time and OMG was it amazing. I forgot how much I love this stuff. Just saying. It wasn’t AWESOME, awesome, but it was still PRETTY darn good.

“Today” I Learned

  • Street sweeping occurs from April to November in my area.
  • You can very easily remove the caps of a faucet where you push it and it releases water for set amount of time.

    Top: faucet normally. Bottom: ooops…


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