The End of the Beginning (29-31 Mar)

A panoramic from the entrance of Lansdowne Pub.

The lamps overhead at Santouka looks like spiders.

Sunday, 29 Mar

Today was a day of…FOOD! To start, I went shopping with two girl friends of mine at HMart to pick up some basic groceries for the week. For me, this consisted of FRUITS! I love fruits! Afterwards, we went to go have ramen, despite the fact that our original plan was to go back to my place and make food. My girlfriend found a place called Santouka nearby. So, we went there and it was an hour’s wait. Then, it turns out to be REALLY expensive ramen, about $15 a bowl. To be honest, I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as my other two friends. I found it to be too salty, though the noodles were great.

The beautiful golden sunrise out my window.

Monday, 30 Mar

The beginning of the day today was glorious! I woke up just in time to catch a glimpse of the sunrise. The golden sunrise was peeking through the trees just outside my window. It was a great way to wake up. If only I slept enough and went to bed on time to wake up for the sunrise every morning.

Delicious food at Lansdowne Pub. Top left: my expensive $3 bowl of Batchelor’s beans. Top right: cute butterfly cream crackers. Bottom: some delicious crab cakes wit a dollop of mustard.

The end of the day was pretty awesome too. I went to the Lansdowne Pub to attend an event where I got to meet the chaplain of the Red Sox and ordered some crab cakes and Batchelor’s beans. Oh how I’ve missed crab cakes and Batchelor’s beans. In case you’re wondering, Batchelor’s beans are a thing I developed a liking for while I was in Ireland.

Tuesday, 31 Mar

OMG it’s the end of March. I can hardly believe that I have now been officially living in Boston for a little over THREE MONTHS. Yet, I’m only barely just “settled in” and getting my schedule adjusted so that it’s easier to manage. It makes me wonder how people could possibly go abroad for ONLY a semester, considering it’s taking me about the length of one semester to feel settled into a place and comfortable with it enough to thoroughly begin to enjoy the place.

“Today” I Learned


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