As the Seasons Turn Over (22-25 Mar)

A piece of a panoramic I took while collecting branches at the Arnold Arboretum. SPRING IS COMING!!!!

My delicious lemon broccoli alfredo “sauce” made with homemade alfredo sauce.

Sunday, 22 Mar

Today is cooking day! Yay! Today’s/this week’s recipe: lemon broccoli chicken alfredo plus pasta. So, I didn’t realise until after I started the recipe that it’s supposed to be a “side dish”, not a sauce you pour over pasta, but whatever. It was still delicious, especially since I didn’t want to BUY alfredo sauce, so I made a homemade alfredo sauce (here’s a gluten-free version,if you’re interested) and it was AMAZING.

On other notes, the day was a lazy day. I mean, usually I’m up and out of bed by 11am on weekends, but today I stayed in until 2pm. Yes, yes, I know that’s normal for some of you, but not for me. But otherwise: food, good; thus, semi-productive?

Monday, 23 Mar

Omg…I woke up early today — like, 6am early — but yet I just BARELY caught the bus. Thank goodness the driver was stuck behind another bus.

Anyhow, that was only the first adventure of the day. Second adventure: meeting the professor who wrote almost all the biology textbooks I read –– yes, I ACTUALLY read my textbooks — as an undergrad, Dr. Raven. First of all, I forget how many editions of the basic biology book he’s written, thus forgetting how old he is. Second, he has a good sense of humour. It’s rather pleasant to meet old people who have a good sense of humour rather than being stuffy, uptight and/or full of themselves.

Some cute cones and a branch in the melting snow I found during our hunt for gymnosperm branches.

After a morning spent listening to him, my postdoc and I walked around the arboretum to cut branches off some trees — with permission, of course — for his teaching section tomorrow. Man, there’s a lot of trees! Though, we only have 3 sequoia, which I guess makes sense considering this isn’t really in the range of their natural habitat. We ended up collection three buckets full of leaves and that only covered 1/3 of the plants he needed for his teaching section. Along  the way, I collected a lot of cones produced by the various trees, namely the smaller cones.

Fourth and last adventure of the day: catching the bus home. When I got done with work and got to my computer, it said the bus was arriving in 8 minutes, I didn’t want to run for that one, so I thought I’d just a wait for the next bus in 20s. The next the I checked, that bus was due in 4 minutes. I definitely wasn’t going to make THAT bus. The bus after that was due in 28 minutes. Next time I checked that, it was due in 3 min. I was so tired of waiting by that point, I figured I’d just walk along the bus route until the next bus came along. I ended up walking 3/4 of the bus route, 2/3 of the way home before the bus PASSED me. So I ended up walking the 5.5 miles home mostly along the bus route in 1 hr and 30 minutes.

Tuesday, 24 Mar

I left my house late today — as opposed to yesterday — and wanted to get to work on time, so I ran for the bus. My normal bus was due to leave in 10 minutes, so I essentially ran a 10-minute mile to catch the bus.

Wednesday, 25 Mar

OMG Today was SO warm. The sun was out and everything was grand. It was so nice that on my way home today, I decided I wanted to go take a walk. Well, guess what. EVERYONE wanted to go take a run today. Either way, I still went out for a short run in the 44F/7C. My, my was it nice.

“Today” I Learned

  • Do NOT put mushrooms in a food  processor. It essentially turns it into mush.

    Left: white button mushrooms after being shoved in a food processor. Right: hand-chopped/diced white button mushrooms


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