Home: Where Things are Made and Where We Return (19-21 Mar)

Yes, I used chopsticks to put the balls of cookie dough — ROLLED in powdered sugar — onto the cookie sheet.

My delicious lemon crinkle cookies after I packaged them away in a box!

Thursday, 19 Mar

Excitement of the day: lemon crinkle cookies. So I don’t know if I’ve told you, but our building has a reading group every Friday. No, we don’t read Oprah‘s book recommendations or any fictional  novels — though I sometimes wish we did — we read scientific papers. My grad student is our “host” essentially. She usually sends out the email reminders to everyone and brings some baked goods — usually muffins — whole we share about some exciting research we’ve read about recently. I keep telling her I’ll make something soon — as soon as I settle in my apartment. Well, I’ve finally settled in, or at least that’s what it feels like, so I put it in my calendar to make cookies today.

Mmmmm…my cookies looked so delicious! Though it was quite funny: the recipe said a teaspoon of dough per cookie — so, I did, almost quite literally — but oh my, oh my were the cookies tiny and cute when they came out. All 59 — yes, FIFTY-NINE; yes, I counted them; what?! I was curious —  turned out to be fairly bite-sized. And when I say bite-sized, I MEAN bite-sized. The circumference of each cookie, on average, was probably as big as the rim of a shot glass. Did I eat any of them to try them before I went to bed? No way! No  cookies before bedtime, especially since I was exhausted and needed to brush my teeth immediately.

Friday, 20 Mar

So, I brought 46 of the cookies in a box to work. (No, I didn’t eat 13 of them beforehand, they got put aside for my Boston bestie, since I stole his lemon zester that he doesn’t really use.) The funny thing was, when I laid them out for the group, I still hadn’t tried them. I was so scared that no one would like the cookies.

After work today, the three of the quietest ladies in our  building went over to Dogwood with our visiting fellow to bid her farewell on her last day before she flew out back to the Netherlands. We had a little bite and some drinks. It was a quiet, slightly awkward bid farewell. I felt pretty left out at some point simply because they were talking about the university the visiting fellow attends because the other lady had previously been part of the campus at one point. On a side note, we had some ketchup and fries and the whole time we were just dabbling at that ketchup, I couldn’t help but think about how much I miss my homemade balsalmic ketchup I had at home.

This cute and strange little capybara napkin holder.

After our little, quiet farewell, we headed to the bus stop, but my bus wouldn’t be here for another hour or so. Since the visiting fellow lived in the arboretum with the other visiting fellows, and their house was along the bus route, I got invited to dinner with them. Dinner was interested with two visiting fellows — a couple — from Columbia and a British guy who mainly conducts studies in Indonesia. We had a great discussion of just cultural differences, lifestyles and things that people discuss when you’re from different parts of the world. It was so lovely.

Saturday, 21 Mar

Today was another one of those weekend days. I was all excited and I was going to go out and swing dance the night away and all, but I ended up staying home.

“Today” I Learned

  • Scrumping = stealing (In our conversation, it was used to discuss “scrumping” illegal music files.)

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