Another Season of Change is Coming (15-18 Mar)

Origami turtles invaded the desk of the girl who sits across from me. She put them in their place. ❤

Sunday, 15 Mar

Today I sent my Connecticut friend in her merry way back home. I dropped her off at the same terminal I picked my boyfriend up from about a month ago. Then, lo and behold, the emotions of that day came flooding back in. Oh brain, I wish you’d calm down sometimes. Awkwardly enough, her flight out today was cancelled so the airline put her up on a nice hotel in town. Crazy!

Anyhow, upon arrival back at my “humble” abode, I set to making some linguine carbonara with peas and ham.  It was pretty good, though nothing beats the simple pancetta carbonara my Italian flatmate made for me back in Dublin. Oh the memories.


Monday, 16 Mar

This just in: Boston has officially reset their record winter snowfall at 108.6 inches, according to the National Weather Service. Previously, the record was 107.6 inches in the winter of 1995-1996. And yet, the snow has melted a good deal already — I can see the tables on the patio!

Tuesday, 17 Mar

Guess what? Guess what? As of today, I now officially knows my blood type! Yay! Now the problem remains, what’s the best/healthiest way to raise my weight enough so I can donate blood?

Speaking of blood, I drew some today during my first official lab accident. No, no, it wasn’t anything big or major. I just cut myself on the side of my index finger while I was handling a razor blade. Go figure, me and knives ya know…

On other notes, yogurt. So, in attempt to balance my first and ensure my calcium uptake, I’ve taken to finding the perfect yogurt for me. Problem: I don’t like the sour taste of Greek yogurt, I need to make sure it contains  Vitamin D and less than 33 grams of sugar per serving and — of course, the biggest problem of all — finding all of this in a delicious, cost-efficient yogurt.


Look at this adorable doggie I met. Oh, and yeah, that’s HIS chair — supposedly.

Wednesday, 18 Mar

So yesterday was a “balmy” 45°F/7°C. Today, it’s 28°F/-2°C with a 21-30mph/33-48kmh wind. It’s INSANE how fast that weather decided to change, and I thought Dublin’s bipolar weather was terrible. A strange, but funny thing happened this morning because of this DRASTIC temperature change. So, as you probably know by now, I take the bus to work every morning. The bus had SUCH a hard time getting out of the bus stop this morning due to the development of a HUGE patch of black ice. We were up and ready to leave, then we had to wait for the traffic to pass. As soon as it passed, he stepped on the gas to go, but the bus wouldn’t budge. Then, you could hear the wheels just STRUGGLING to move forward. The traffic came again. This happened for about 3 openings, maybe 5-10 minutes total. It was sad, but at least we made it out alive?

After work, I road the Green D Line for the first time to Brookline Village to meet someone. It was sort of funny when I got there because the first greeting I get was from a dog. At least he was nice and quiet.

I like playing with my food. Can you tell?

“Today” I Learned

  • When you’re assigned a primary care physician, they usually aren’t the ones seeing you. They usually only see people with complicated health histories. They people you see are usually the nurse practitioners in their team. At least, that’s how it works for my doctor’s office.
  • Our building gets fresh milk DELIVERED to our “doorstep” in glass bottles because apparently that’s still a thing.

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