Work-Life Balance: It’s a Thing! (12-14 Mar)

My $14 smoky grilled cheese (smoked gouda and smoked honey drizzle) and tomato basil soup from Foundry on Elm. Don’t you love how they just PINNED that darned pickle in my sandwich (I despise pickles)?

Thursday, 12 Mar

Today was my first swing adventure. I left work at the same time as this other lab assistant who works for a different professor in my building. At the main road, he turned right and I turned left. Turned out, we ended up in the same bus — only I caught it one stop before him! Then, we both got off of the same stop after getting on the same — and the only — train at the end of the bus line.

In Somerville, where the movie was being shown, I met up with three fellow dancers at Foundry on Elm whom I had previously connected with on Facebook. Turns out, all of us were Asian. What a coincidence! After a nice, simple — but expensive — dinner, we went to watch the movie Ctrl+Alt+Dance. It was definitely not a movie for all audiences, rather only for those who knew the cast of well-known swing instructors and/or those interested or involved in swing dancing as the plot line and acting weren’t that great, but it was hilarious watching instructors act different from their typical selves. Also, to see the stereotype within the swing dancing community become so obvious on the big screen.

Afterwards, I bonded with one of the girls I had food with prior to the movie and we talked for an hour afterwards at the train station. I’m glad to have met her, considering her involvement in the community. I hope I can get to know her better and become more involved in the dancing scene. Now just to deal with the issue of paying for this lovely hobby of mine.

A delicious plate of duck from East Ocean City. Yum yum, REAL Asian food!

Friday, 13 Mar

So, you know how I left work at the same time as that lab assistant yesterday? Today, I ARRIVED at the same time as him! Weird!

Anyhow, after the fun that is work — no, seriously, I think my job is fun — I went out to meet up with my Connecticut friend who is here for an interview at Tufts University. I arrived in town a little early and discovered the only Nordstrom Rack Google maps could find in this area. When I finally met up with my friend, she had brought along another friend of hers who is doing her Master’s at Harvard University. We all decided to have dinner at a random restaurant we walked by called East Ocean City. It wad pretty good for a random pick.

Our Grand Slam curry from Go! Go! Curry. Too much for two people. Yet, there’s another plate that’s 50% larger. Scary.

Saturday, 14 Mar

Man, when you work full-time, you REALLY got to pick and choose your weekend activities. I didn’t really feel like going out today; I wanted to be a vampire. However, at some point I realised that I must face my fears because there was no other time I could go out food shopping anytime soon. So I called my girlfriend up and we went out to HMart where we shared a delicious plate of curry from Go! Go! Curry we couldn’t finish because she was just recovering from a case of…let’s just say gastrointestinal issues.

“Today” I Learned

  • Some things in life are best kept within the community of interest.

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