Spring is Creeping in Through Boston! (9-11 Mar)

Look at that difference in amount of snow! (Yes, I’m using our grills as a comparision.)

Monday , 9 Mar

It’s been a stressful couple of months, but I think I’m finally fairly settled in. Sadly, Daylight Savings had to come along and ruin part of it. Now I have to reschedule my sleeping pattern. Great.

Tuesday , 10 Mar

Wow! I decided to go home on time today and found it that apparently, work Daylight Savings going on and all, the sun is still out! How exciting! Plus, the weather’s slowly warming up and a lot of the snow is finally melting. What a lovely feeling to have a bit is sunshine and a handful of snow — instead of mountains of such.

How terrifying. Good thing no one walks back out there right now.

Wednesday , 11 Mar

The warm weather persists! It looks like spring is on its way! On the down side, our building rooftop is experiencing dramatic snowfall. The pile of snow that has built up over the past few months is slowly melting away — and breaking off bit by bit in glacial proportions! Each mound that falls creates this terrifyingly thunderous thud.

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