Amusements of Everyday Things (5-8 Mar)

The Brookline Reservoir with all that lovely snow covering it.

*Note: It’s another one of those weeks. Pictures galore! Yay!!!

Thursday, 5 Mar

The Dolce Vita Cafe on my way to work. They’re hilarious.

Friday, 6 Mar

The Chansky Market around the corner is pretty hilarious too.

Saturday, 7 Mar

Oh me, oh my I’m lazy! I had big plans for today. I wanted to do 5 different things. Instead, I stayed home most of the day, until sunset — I worry I’m becoming a vampire. On the plus side, I got to watch my boyfriend open the package I had ordered for him. It was funny watching him peel off layer after layer…after layer…of protective layer for a stainless steel water bottle. Oh the hilarity. Not only that, but — you know how we all love bubble wrap? — watching him ever so carefully peeling back some tape so that he didn’t pop the bubbles as he was unwrapping. After sunset, I ventured out to go grocery shopping. Oh how I love just browsing the grocery stores.

Sunday, 8 Mar

Daylight Savings…don’t we all just love it? I ended up waking up late — 8am — for an intermediate swing dancing class I had decided to take. When I arrived 15 minutes late, they had JUST barely started the class. It was fun dancing with the people I did, but none of them went out social dancing. So sad because that’s what I was hoping for. Oh well.

After dance class, I visited HMart for the second time here and wondered why I didn’t come earlier because the fresh produce here is so much more diverse, fresh and cost-efficient than those from the Asian store near my house. So I told myself I should come once every week or two weeks to get my fill of fresh fruits.

After that, I went to Boomerangs, a thrift shop that helps to support AIDS prevention, I didn’t really expect much of the place but when I really got to looking at the prices of things, I realised that I could buy a t-shirt for only $2 there. Insane! So, I did because I found a cute fuschia, v-neck by Eddie Bauer. It was a nice, thick cotton t-shirt, which you don’t find very often any more.

I LIKE ladybugs. Can you tell?

Then, I took my first visit to Prudential Center where I went to go stare at things at Teavana. OMG they sell blooming teas. I’m so tempted to buy some and send it to my Dublin friends who drink tea, but I’m not sure how the shipping would pan out considering it’s not “perishable,” but it is still food or whatever. After my productive day out, I wrapped up the day with more grocery shopping, where I found a my BIG ladybug balloon’s mini me. So obviously I had to buy it.

When I finally went home tonight, I made some stir fry noodles (炒米粉). Sad to say, this is my first time making stir fry noodles, despite being an Asian. The closest thing I’ve made to that would probably be fried rice and/or Ho Fun (河粉), though I’ve still yet to use/experience a wok.


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