‘Tis the Season: Cravings for the REAL Irish (1-4 Mar)

Our Maryland crab cakes and lemon pepper shrimp linguine. ❤

Sunday, 1 Mar

I can’t believe that about a year since I first met my favourite Irish friend. Last year when I met him, he was campaigning for Student Welfare officer and he did a video parody of The Dark Knight. This year, he’s campaigning for Student Union President with a video parody of The House of Cards. I love them, always.

Anyhow, my Boston bestie and I decided to have a cooking date today. Today’s menu: Maryland crab cakes and lemon pepper shrimp linguine. I’d say that they came out PRETTY darn good, except the crab cakes were not very solid, probably because our first can of crab wasn’t drained properly and/or because it was canned crab, not fresh crab.

My attempt at satisfying my chicken (fillet) roll craving…

Monday, 2 Mar

As usual, work is work, but food is fun and food is amazing. Recently, I’ve been craving a Dublin chicken (fillet) roll. So I went out and bought some ingredients to try and replicate one. I got a “hoagie roll” for the bread (whatever that means), some Roma tomatoes, some green lettuce, fake butter and some frozen “fried” chicken patties. The result: a delicious chicken sandwich to satisfy my craving — for the time being.

Tuesday, 3 Mar

Today, I’m proud of myself. I’ve been having troubles sectioning, but today I managed to section a sample in a little under two hours. Yay! Go me! Then, I managed to get out of work on time, at 5pm instead of my typical habit of staying late to do more work or waiting for the bus.

Wednesday, 4 Mar

Today, at work, the temporary greenhouse manager and I finally finished repotting our waterlilies. I’m going to miss hanging out with him and talking about life with him. Meanwhile, after being around waterlilies so much, I started talking to my grad student about my various thoughts about how to better take care of the waterlilies. At this rate, I feel like I should be a horticulturalist.

After work, on my way home, I felt like a crazy person — not like I’m already not. The weather is getting warmer now and everything is slowly melting. I was walking home in just a t-shirt and a jacket at 37°F/3°C! What is happening?!

Then, at home, I felt like making more food. So, I made a large batch of balsamic ketchup and some Parmesan zucchini oven crisps. The balsamic ketchup came out pretty good, I’d say — though a bit spicy for my preference — and the zucchini crisps…Well, let’s just say they weren’t too happy-looking.

“Today” I Learned

  • King’s Hawaiian — my favourite bread side of all time — has a restaurant out in Los Angeles. I guess I’ll be going there when I go back to LA.
  • Olive oil forgery is a thing…
  • Mail cannot be picked up in my apartment mailbox.

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