Hope and Icicles (26-28 Feb)

Icicles can be cute too!!! Right? Maybe I’m just obsessed…

*Note to reader:
For some of you, this might be a great post; for others, you may disagree. This week was rather bland so most of this post consists of pictures, except my description of my interesting Saturday.

Thursday, 26 Feb

Usually people save parking spots via chairs (metal chairs, wooden chairs, camping chairs, etc.). Sometimes, people get creative…once I saw an ironing board.

Friday, 27 Feb

Icicles are scary sometimes, but most of them time they’re beautiful — as long as you don’t imagine them falling.

A “charging station” at Boston College for your gadgets. Whatever that means…

Saturday, 28 Feb

Today was a big event day. I attended/volunteered at the New England Returnee Conference for study abroad returnees. It was held at Boston College, a convenient commute for me. Upon arriving, I saw herd — yes, I’m using “a herd” — of neon runners. It was most fascinating.

During the event, I met this lovely girl who was also volunteering and she lives only a few streets down from me! Not only that, but she seems to be interested in picking up swing dancing. How exciting! I hope we can become friends.

After the event, I was walking to the T station with some of the students and found out that on the Boston College campus, there’s a charging station in one of their libraries! Then, we saw a band set up in the back of a truck with glass windows. WHAT?!

When I got home, two words: more hummus.

“Today” I Learned

  • If you go to graduate school abroad, most of them don’t require exams like the GRE in order to apply or get accepted. A tempting thought.

Other Pictures:

One of the buildings at Boston College (it’s a “private Jesuit Catholic research university”, as Wikipedia puts it).

Some random truck we saw with an open band set-up. It’s labeled The Craft Band everywhere.


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