The Little Things (22-25 Feb)

This is how I hummus… #hummusaddict.

Sunday, 22 Feb

Today…was a wonderful day. It was bright, the sun was SHINING — like a diamond? Wrong! Diamonds refract! — and life was…

…I stayed in for the day, wasn’t feeling too well — probably dehydration again. Me and water; it’s a love-hate relationship. It made me sad to miss my opportunity for some sunshine, but I gotta take care of myself.

The essence of “crunchy” snow. From the top, snow melts and solidifies. From the bottom, the ice melts due to the heating of the stone/cement.

Monday, 23 Feb

I was late to work — again — today. At the bus stop, I was listening to girl talk about traveling with her — I can only assume — boyfriend about how they should go traveling after graduation, inspired by book she read. I was tempted to give her advice, with my helpful student-service-oriented tendency and all, but I decided against it.

At work, work was work and every Monday, we have a lecture. At the introduction to our lecture today, it was pointed out to us that this is the first Monday of the new year it wasn’t snowing. Wow…those poor students who have had to keep missing their Monday classes because of the snow we’ve been getting. After the lecture, at some point I decided to make some bags for our experiments. I asked my grad student how many bags I should make. She said, “Make bags until you’re bored.” What?! Sounds crazy, but that’s essentially what happened. I made bags for the next 2.5 hours until I was supposed to go home.

Along the way home, I became fascinated with the “crunchy snow” — or rather snow that’s melted from a snow bank on the top and melted from the sidewalk on the bottom, thus creating a thin layer of ice that isn’t stuck on the sidewalk but hanging out from the edges of a snowbank like a skirt. If you step on it, it’s SOOOOO satisfyingly CRUNCHY!

Tuesday, 24 Feb

Yay! I got to work on time today for the second time. It’s such a struggle with the snow and moving process, not to mention public transportation. Again, neither my grad student nor the postdoc were at work today to make use of me being in early/on time. Meanwhile, sectioning got worse today. I feel like I’m taking a step back because things just aren’t working for me today. On the bright side, I started repotting some water lilies with our temporary greenhouse manager and we get along pretty well.

After work, I had a three-way Skype call with two of my friends — all of us are in different states, two of us are in the same time zone. I’m lucky that my friends care to do Skype sessions with me, especially with three schedules to coordinate.

I can’t make wontons for the life of me. I haven’t done this in too long.

Wednesday, 25 Feb

Some things today were INSANE. First, my postdoc got a package from Australia containing fruits of one of the species he’s studying. It was as big as a kumquat. OMG…I can’t believe it’s so big – okay, so it’s not that big for the majority of people, but it’s still big to me! They were SO CUTE! Second, it was 29°F/-3°C outside today with a 12mph/19kmh and I WAS NOT COLD! GASP. What IS going on?!

Then, coming home, all I can say is: can’t wontons. Do you see those wontons? I can’t fold wontons for the life of me! But yet my dumplings come out so pretty.

“Today” I Learned

  • There are three varieties of eggplants, though there are many cultivars.
  • Girl Scout cookie cravings can now be fulfilled via an app — use it to hunt down the nearest Girl Scout selling cookies!

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