Catching Up with Life… Sorta (19-21 Feb)

OH THE SNOWs! Sadly, I’m getting used to it even though this is the 2nd worst winter in the history of Boston — supposedly.

Thursday, 19 Feb

Today I made the tough decision to walk to my assigned post office and be late for work. Why? So I can pick up my diploma — finally. After along wait, I was finally certified for summer graduation due to the complications of study abroad transcript processing during my final semester. To be honest, that wasn’t a big deal for me. Though, it’s quite interesting that I got hired simply based on the fact that I PUT that I graduated. Makes me wonder if anyone has ever lied about their degree on paper, gotten hired and stuff without getting caught — despite the laws against lying on your job applications, it’s not like many people check.

Friday, 20 Feb

Work was work, but work is fun too, especially when you enjoy your work environment, culture and most importantly of all — your work family/community. After a long week, the IT guy and my grad student planned a movie night for us. We watched Back to the Future on the big screen in our conference room with some beer and pizza. It was great craic. It was also mine, as well as many other people’s first time watching the movie. Afterwards, one of my supervisors volunteered the IT guy to drive me home. It was good and dandy.

Saturday, 21 Feb

We had a snow storm today — again. I WAS planning to go pick up my dry cleaning. Nope didn’t happen. Instead, I stayed home and Skyped with another one of my recently graduated friends. It’s so nice to have friends to Skype with every so often, especially since I’m usually too tired and too broke to go out.

A fire alarm box. What?!

“Today” I Learned

  • If you own an iPhone, iPad, etc., as does other members of your family, you can share purchased apps via iCloud.
  • Apparently, it’s common to lose things in the snow, such as YOUR WEDDING BAND or keys that cost $300 to replace. Oh me oh my. This is why we “can’t” have nice things.
  • Fire (alarm) boxes are a thing here. They’re used to call the fire department in case of a emergency. It’s like an outdoor fire alarm!

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