Finding My Love for Life…Again (15-18 Feb)

♫~Do you wanna build a snow-wall?~♩

YAY, DUMPLINGS! Can you tell which ones I made?!

Sunday, 15 Feb

Today was another one of those days….We were snowed in for the day. Yay! Good thing my other half and I are home bodies and didn’t mind it so much. We spent much of the time just enjoying each others’ company and making a lot of food. For breakfast, I made him turkey bacon, which he had never had before. For lunner, we made some pork and napa cabbage dumplings and a daikon radish soup. I think I definitely prefer napa cabbage as a filling in wontons more than in dumplings. It doesn’t offer enough flavour for a dumpling. Also, I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t prepare the beef well enough, but I definitely prefer the oxtail or spare rib versions of the daikon radish soup, just as I was fed growing up — MmMMmmmmMmm, BONE SOUP!

After lunner, we enjoyed some of my homemade kettle corn before settling down for the night. Though, I couldn’t accurately “guess-timate” how much oil I needed and added too much. So I ended up making OILY popcorn. OH THE SADNESS! Thankfully, my bestie didn’t seem to mind and ate it anyways.

The breakfast my bestie made me. No, that’s not for ONE person — thankfully.

Monday, 16 Feb

Today was a little crazy. After all the snow yesterday, we forgot that public transportation, among other things, would be affected. After a delicious breakfast — which he made — we couldn’t do our dishes because the hot water pipe was frozen for the sink AND we couldn’t take public transportation to get to the airport on time because the Green Line was shut down above ground, aka around where I live. I was shocked at how calm he was during the whole ordeal.
Thankfully, I called up my Boston bestie and he was willing to drive us to the airport. Annoyingly enough, it turned out that his flight out of Boston was delayed an hour, meaning he wouldn’t make his layover. Upon arriving at his layover at Chicago O’Hare (ORD), they transferred him over to Dallas Fortworth (DFW) where he had to spend the night because the airport he was flying into has a curfew where no planes are allowed to leave or arrive later than 11pm on weekdays. So he had a full 11 hour delayed arrival. Man, that’s rough — and yet he said it was worth it to come see me! I feel SO, SO loved.

On another note: I had my first (two) McDonald’s apple pie(s) again after SOOOOOOOO long!!!! OMG THEY WERE AMAZING!!!!

Fish chowder!!!! YAY!!!! Om nom nom nom nom!

Tuesday, 17 Feb

I’d been wanting to make a fish chowder for a while, but never got around to it — UNTIL TODAY. Dun dun duuuuuuuun.

Just kidding. Anyhow, I finally went to the grocery store and bought half a gallon of milk so I could make a fish chowder recipe I found. It took me about two hours to finish preparing and cooking it. One word: DELICIOUS!!!!!!!! — but it’s fish chowder, I like seafood, so that’s not saying much. It’s not as CREAMY as it could’ve been — like the kind of creamy you think of when you think chowder — because I refuse to use a recipe containing cream cheese or sour cream kinda deal, but it was still AMAZING. I wonder if yogurt is a good substitution for cream cheese or sour cream in SOUP.

Wednesday, 18 Feb

Stayed at work late today. I think I’m having too much fun at work, especially when I work with our fancy confocal microscope. I love my job — most of the time.

When I came home, I was in a fun-loving mood and decided to shovel my “porch” outside my front door. At some point or another, I decided to enact my silly plan of building a snow-wall. So…I began building a snow-wall. After about 2.5 hours or so, my fingers were crying and told me to go defrost and my tummy said it wanted food NOW! So, I had to give in to my body’s incompetency because I didn’t pre-prepare my body for a snow-wall building session — not to mention, I don’t own waterproof snow gloves yet.

“Today” I Learned

  • Cooked fish has different tastes, that’s why when a recipe — not fish ONLY recipe — calls for a certain type of fish, GO BUY IT, otherwise your recipe might not come out the same. I used tilapia instead of cod. Tilapia is too flavourful for a fish soup.

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