The Apparent “Snowpocalypse” (12-14 Feb)

A nifty pile-up of snow next to the conference room window where the snowman once stood…

Thursday, 12 Feb

It was pretty strange today sitting at the T station waiting for the bus. I picked up one of the newspapers there, the Metro to be specific, apparently they’re calling these snow storms “snowpocalypse”. One of the taglines said “1,000 ways to die in the snow.” Scary. It said something about deathly icicles and then something else about the “dangers of shoveling snow“. Wait. What?! Shoveling snow is dangerous?! Good thing my roomie does it then? Hahahaha, I’m such a great roomie.

Friday, 13 Feb

So, whether you know it or not, my poor Android has been acting up and it won’t SEND SMS messages, but it will receive them and send/receive MMS message. I told my brother at some point and he offered me his old iPhone 4S. I said sure, but totally forgot about it. Thus, it was a surprise when I got a package from my brother today. The best part was, there’s not just the phone, but also the OtterBox cover he used to use, PLUS 4 MORE covers. Silly brother, Trix are for kids…Oh wait, that’s not how that goes.

Saturday, 14 Feb

OMG! OMG!!! So, today, I went to pick up my SoCal bestie from airport early this morning. He flew out here into the Boston cold to visit me; I feel special! He flew in at 7 or 8 am. It was mad early, but totally worth it. I have to say, it was probably THE most blissful airport reunion I’ve personally had yet. It was like smelling the roses again after a bout of stuffy nose syndrome.

Anyhow, after an early morning for me and a red eye flight for him, we took a nap at my house before I called my girl friend up and we went out to lunch together with her at Jo Jo Taipei. I’ve only been here a couple months and she lives closer to the place, yet I was the one who suggested it — of course, AFTER she suggested going to another Taiwanese restaurant she had previously been to across the street. We didn’t regret going to Jo Jo Taipei instead, that’s for sure. After stuffing our faces with our “native food,” my girl friend and I parted ways and my SoCal bestie and I headed over to Urban Renewal, which I had been wanting to visit since I found out where it is.

On another note, my SoCal bestie is crazy. So, my Boston bestie, who also grew up in California, has lived in Pittsburg, then Boston, for the past 6 years and he wears 3-4 layers under a wool overcoat to battle the winter weather. My girl friend, a Californian transplant since September, does the same. Then comes my SoCal bestie, who grew up in St. Louis, romping about in just TWO layers under A HOODIE!! It’s mad I tell you; mad! Thankfully he took my advice and we dropped by my house for his ski jacket before we went out shopping for the night for cooking adventures tomorrow.

“Today” I Learned

  • There are farmer’s markets in Somerville and Cambridge that continue to occur during the winter seasons! I’m going to have to make it over there at some point, supposing the storms die down a bit on a Saturday. Also, if I wake up early enough.
  • MBTA transportation from the airport via the Silver Line (SL1) is free to your destination, as long as you don’t leave the “paid” areas.
  • Ground pork is hard to find here. Apparently ground veal is a thing here — easier to find than ground pork at least.

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