Snow vs Public Transportation (8-11 Feb)

Salt crystals dried up from our boots on the floor at work.

Sunday, 8 Feb

What is there to say? It’s Sunday. It’s my day off.

Monday, 9 Feb

No work today. Another snow storm came our way. Work was called off. Yay for another snow day! However, unlike the last snow day, I was productive this time around! I cleaned my room! Yay! Now I only have half to a third of my boxes left to unpack. Yay!

On other notes, I got to Skype with my friend in Houston and opened the package she had sent me, which arrived 2 days late due to the last snow storm. Sadly, I was a little late to our get-together because I found out that the time during which our session was supposed to begin was also the low time for the storm. I wanted hummus, so I went and bought it during that time. What a friend I am. Hahaha. Food > friends. Just kidding. I love my friends.

“The Caterpillar” as my roomie calls it.

Tuesday, 10 Feb

Work got cancelled again today. This snow thing is getting kind of ridiculous. The odd thing was, when I opened my windows, the weather didn’t look all that bad — not to mention, my roommate drove to work today! It turns out, work got cancelled because the MBTA shut down for maintenance; the mayor of Boston apparently got mad at them for that.

The fun part though, was probably sitting at my window doing some data house-keeping. Then, next thing I knew, the landlord was clearing the snow from the parking lot that was in front of my window. It was fun for a while, watching him use this machine to clear the snow — until he came TOWARDS MY WINDOW, because that parking lot space was open.

Some ominous, deathly looking icicles hanging from a house along the bus route I usually take.


Wednesday, 11 Feb

I was super excited for work today. I was on time and everything, but the bus… That bus. I’m not sure what’s with the GPS-tracking and all. It used to work fine. But, today, I arrived when it said the bus was 2 minutes away. That bus never showed up, nor did the next one. So I took a walk. I walked four stops down — while another invisible “ghost bus” passed me — before a non-tracked bus picked me up. On the plus side, I got to take pictures of some scary — yet beautiful — looking icicles.

“Today” I Learned

  • A rut is…”a long deep track made by the repeated passage of the wheels of vehicles,” aside from being “a habit or pattern of behavior that has become dull and unproductive but is hard to change.”

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