Random Observations (5-7 Feb)

Icicles ….drop…thing….xD

Red high-heeled rain boots. Seriously?!

Thursday, 5 Feb
It is SO cold here it’s not even funny. The wind was blowing so hard today that I felt like my face was gonna freeze off! Not to mention, this morning, I had to wait longer for the bus than usual. I think my regular 8:40am bus vanished. It didn’t show up today — and recently — until 9:05am-ish or later when the NEXT bus is supposed to arrive. Oh weather, the things you do to me. Meanwhile,  while waiting for the bus, I noticed there was a girl wearing red high-heeled rain boots. HIGH-HEELED RAIN BOOTS! Really? Why do those things exist? I mean, they’re cute, but SO impractical — especially in Boston snow.

This funny little snowman looking into our downstairs conference room at work.

Work was funny, someone built a snowman outside the downstairs conference room, looking into the conference room. Every time I walked past it, I had to take a second look. Crazy. I mean, it was cute and all, but that’s crazy.

On the way home today, I picked up some coins to do laundry. Then, when I went to go do laundry, there’s a note on it saying it’s broken and will be fixed today. Wait…what? So, I desperately ran around in circles trying to decide how I wanted to resolve my no-clothes issue. I ended up doing what I do best — hand washing clothes! After all, I did hand wash ALL my clothes 98% of the time while I was studying abroad in Dublin for a year. The only difference is, I’m paying for utilities here, so drying might be an issue. Oh well!

Friday & Saturday, 6-7 Feb

I had a lazy end of the week. I didn’t really feel like doing much, so I spent most of my time bumming it at home and watching an anime I started with my SoCal bestie.

“Today” I Learned

  • Reusable heat packs are packets of super saturated sodium acetate solution. When disturbed (the function of the metal disk in the packs), they crystallise/precipitate, releasing heat. When heated, the crystals melt and it once again becomes a supersaturated solution.
  • Criss-cross cut/waffle fries are done with a waffle cutter, rotating the vegetable 90 degrees each time.

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