Snow Kisses (1-4 Feb)

Icicles from a Harvard building…

Sunday, 1 Feb

Today is…Superbowl Sunday. Do I care? No, not really, but the foods! For instance, my roomie made pulled chicken, boy did it smell good! What’d I do instead, I walked to Urban Renewal, only to find out that it closes at 5pm EVERY DAY! Crazy. So, I decided, instead to visit Goodwill, where I ended up buying a full-length, Kenneth Cole Reaction coat for $20 (for reference, Kenneth Cole stuff is generally $150+). Then, I got bored and dropped by TJMaxx, on the way home and bought my first SET of pillows. OMG such fluffy pillows! Afterwards, I dropped off everything at my house to take a quick trip to Whole Foods, to get an onion for the Italian spinach orzo soup that I was planning to make. After I got home, I realised that I forgot carrots. Alas, I guess the soup will have to wait another day.


Monday, 2 Feb

IT WAS FREGGIN’ COLD TODAY! It was 28°F/-2°C with a 22mph/35kmh, thus feeling like 14°F/-10°C this morning. And yet, we were required to go to work — even though other schools were CLOSED! So, I trudged to work in my — apparently — oversized snowshoes and my snow jacket — which I bought in Dublin, but never wore — and SWAM way through about 8 inches of snow, okay, more like trudged, but you get the point. Sometimes I feel like I’m treading water just because of HOW MUCH SNOW there was; though technically I sorta am since snow is frozen water and all. It felt like a workout just to walk. I wonder if all this snow, the public transport AND the the ease of walking everywhere is partially the reason why people here are so much fitter than back in Southern California.

There IS a car under there!

On my way back home, so much snow had built up that the Green Line, which I normally take, shut down because there was “too much snow” for the tracks to make contact with the wheels of the tram/train car. During this time, I walked my way slowly back home in those oversized shoes, amusing myself with trying to capture a picture of a snowflake with my point-and-shoot. It finally dawned on me why a guy taking pictures of snowflakes with a camera wasn’t so crazy after all. Funnily enough, I did this despite it being 14°F/-10°C with a 22mph/35kmh wind, thus feeling like -4°F/-20°C. I guess I really DO like pictures THAT much.

On another note, it was hilarious and amusing watching people digging their cars out from the snow, or digging themselves their parking space. Thank GOODNESS I didn’t bring my car over here! It was funny because in some places, there was so much snow pushed up from the streets and also just from the storms that YOU COULD BARELY TELL THE CAR’S THERE!!!

My Italian spinach orzo soup! Yum yum!

Anyhow, when I finally approached home, I walked STRAIGHT PAST MY STREET towards Whole Foods. So I thought: Why not, I’ll just drop by and get those carrots I need. Upon pulling out my wallet, I found out that it was SO cold outside, that the leftover tea, in my glass bottle I take to work, had FROZEN! Thankfully, when I got home, I spent some time cooking up my “Italian” spinach orzo soup. That warmed me RIGHT up! OH SO GOOD!


Tuesday, 3 Feb

Icicles hanging from the roof. That REALLY long one you see, is probably about 5+ feet.

Today was interesting, to say the least. I went up to Cambridge to attend the department dean’s welcome breakfast for new hires. I got to meet some pretty interesting people at their positions, but at the same time, it was another awkward orientation sessions. Once again, as with every orientation gathering prior to this, I was the only person who works as a lab assistant rather than as a paper-pusher assistant. Oh well, it was still fun.

Oh my way to the orientation and afterwards, I caught a couple great shots of some icicles that had developed over the last few days with all the sun, snow and wind. Ah the beauty of nature. There was this one icicle that was FRIGHTENINGLY large. It was probably about 5+ feet long, if my estimations are correct. I wish I could’ve had something to compare it to in the picture. Alas, I still need to hone my photography skills.

You see that thin strip of transparent thing? That’s my ribbon!!!! SO PROUD!!!!

Wednesday, 4 Feb

So, after suffering through wet feet and all the good stuff that winter snow brings for THIS long, you’d think I should’ve figured out by now that 1) my shoes are NOT waterproof, they’re just water RESISTANT. 2) I should get PROPER snow shoes. 3) I can buy them online, since they’re no longer in season. Took me long enough. *Le sigh*.

Anyhow, at least I figured it out now-ish. On other notes, I finally managed to LEVEL UP! I’ve officially managed to make a blank ribbon more than a food long! YAY! Not to mention, I finally managed to make an organisational schedule chart for work.

Then, shopping. OMG I love shopping. Oddly enough, I’m not absolutely crazy about clothes shopping, as I’m extremely choosey about the pieces I buy, rather I’m obsessive over GROCERY SHOPPING. I went over to the Star Market today after work and went crazy over pasta. I bought 3 more types of pasta, so now I have orzo, linguine, vegetable penne, ditalini, pastina/stellette and wide egg noodles. I mean, I’m still missing rotini, farfalle, conchigliette and several others, but that’s a different story. OH PASTA! I’M SO EXCITED!!! Also, I was very hungry when I bought all this. Yay for shopping when I’m hungry — which, sadly, seems to be always! This also lead to me buying some fried chicken — OMG haven’t had fried chicken in forever! It made me think of those delicious chicken fillet rolls I had in Dublin. Man, I miss those. I should buy some ingredients and make them at some point.

Upon FINALLY arriving home, I dropped all my stuff and started putting all my groceries away. In the middle of it, the doorbell rang — wait, we have a doorbell?! I went upstairs. Turns out, my package came — two days late! YAY!!!!

“Today” I Learned

  • Waterproof shoe spray is a thing…I wonder how it works. What makes it “waterproof”? What are you spraying on the shoes, clothes, etc?
  • There’s SOOO MANY types of pasta I want to try cooking! The possibilities are endless!

Other Pictures:

A cute little birdy I saw, posing for a picture! Just kidding, it was huddling in the cold. There were a handful of them, but this one was easier to take a picture of.

One side of the Harvard Yard after a snow storm. SO MUCH SNOW! SO PRETTY!


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