Cozy Nostalgia (29-31 Jan)

The first stretch of my walk from the T station to work…


They had 1 GALLON of Listerine in the office. SO AWESOME!

Thursday, 29 Jan

Today was my second official work orientation in Cambridge. It’s strange going to such things and finding out that you’re the odd one out. I’m always the only person that doesn’t work in an office as administrative support, but rather as lab support. Oh well, whatever.

The Grafton Street Pub & Grille…nothing compared to Dublin food.

After orientation, I met up with one of my ex-boyfriends, who’s now going for his PhD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Biology. Is it odd to say that I’m proud of him for it? Anyhow, he updated me on his life over lunch at a little place called Grafton Street. I got a Crab Cake BLT; it was gorgeous and delicious – sorry I didn’t take a picture, I was too hungry.

Friday, 30 Jan

It was an interesting Friday, that’s for sure. There were two work-related events I could’ve attended, but I was so busy doing my job that I ended up skipping one and arrived at the second 5 -10 minutes before it ended. The first was our weekly reading group where we discuss the journal papers and/or reviews we’ve read recently. The second was a goodbye party they threw for our greenhouse manager who was retiring – with two ICE CREAM cakes. Snow… Ice cream… What?!

Anyhow, at the end of the day, the one thing I did manage to make it to was sledding. Our building IT guy, the fun-loving guy he is, brought in an inflatable sled for us – it looked like a pool floaty – so we could go sledding down the slope behind our building. Only three of us were up for the fun – the IT guy, our Dutch fellow/scholar, and myself. We each took two turns going down. I fell on my butt – on the cement – the first time coming down. The second time, I held on for dear life and my butt survived. It was great craic for sure, even though it was short-lived; totally worth it.

Saturday, 31 Jan

Oh Saturdays, how lovely art thou.

It’s strange to think that time is of the essence. I remember when it felt like I had all the time in the world to do whatever I want. I’m not sure if it’s because now I have responsibilities or because now there’s so many more options of what I can do or simply because work takes up the majority of the time I have to spend. Either way, time spent with friends are worth the most.

Today, my Boston bestie agreed to take me shopping for food stuff, aka grocery shopping. I got to buy all the noms I wanted, and then some, and then Mason jars! Yay for Mason jars! Upon returning to my not-so-humble abode, I set to making some homemade chicken noodle soup for our dinner. The recipe was crazy. We started by making a vegetable-chicken stock (the vegetable part from scratch, the chicken part partially from boullion cubes – which I still can’t pronounce for the life of me). After the stock was made, the recipe said “throw the stock vegetables away”. Wait… What?! I mean, I guess it makes sense and all – because it was so mushy it could be baby food – but WHAT A WASTE! I ate them instead, ’cause I’m my own baby. Hahaha. The soup was finished in a matter of 2-3 hours. All I gotta say: TOTALLY worth it.

Snowflake glimmers & actual flakes I captured with my simple point-and-shoot camera.

“Today” I Learned

Random pictures:

Icicles hanging perilously from the CVS sign.

A panoramic of part of my walk to work from the T station.

SNOW HATS! Surprising snow can do that…

The tracks from tires are beautiful…

It’s FUN to play with snow banks!

The last bit of my walk to work after the snowstorm…


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