First Blizzard, First Snow (25-28 Jan)

Icicles along a railing near the street on my way home one night.

Top: the amount of snow we got recently. Bottom: what it looks like when a car was present during a snow DUMP and then moves.

Sunday, 25 Jan

I decided to take another walk to the Watertown Target again. This time, I went the right direction. On my way there, I noticed there was a Dollar Tree – which made me REALLY happy because there’s no 99 Cent Only Store here, as far as I can tell – a HomeGoods and a Super Stop and Shop. So I HAD to go in and look around. It was great craic, that’s for sure. The Super Stop and Shop was just PACKED with people. I wondered if it was because it was Sunday – turns out… It was probably because everyone was preparing for the blizzard from Juno, which I didn’t hear about until later.

Real icicles…ornamental, plastic fake icicles. What?!

I decided not to buy anything until my way back from Target, so I pressed onward. I got to Target, bought some more SOUP -BECAUSE I LOVE SOUPS! – and then some. Then, I took the bus until the Star Market before the Stop and Shop, looked around, didn’t buy anything and proceeded to the Stop and Shop. As I walked in, I noticed the line hadn’t changed… It was as if the whole store got frozen in time or something. So I just walked home from there. Got home, unpacked all my stuff, went back out to Super 88 in Packard’s Corner. On my way there, I told my Boston bestie that I was out shopping. He freaked out for me, asking what if I get caught out in the snow. I didn’t think much of it and just ignored him ’cause I thought he was crazy. Little did I know what laid ahead.

Monday, 26 Jan

It was cold this morning. It was 28°F/-2°C outside with a 19mph wind, thus feeling like 16°F/-9°C. Freggin cold! I had to put on another extra layer for the day. Crazy. Then, my roomie broke the news that a blizzard was coming. He was so sweet he asked if I had food stored and a flashlight prepared just in case our power goes out for a good chunk of the day. As the day progressed, more news of the oncoming blizzard came my way. Supposedly, we’ll be excused from work all day tomorrow.

My banana-cinnamon muffins. Yum! I’m so excited!!!

Upon arriving home, I had a lovely talk with my roomie. He told me about his decision to become a Muslim in college and the things he’s learned about food since pursuing vegetarianism. Meanwhile, I prepared to make my banana bread, only to find that I didn’t have dry milk for my favourite banana bread recipe. So instead, I looked up another banana recipe and decided to experiment with a banana-cinnamon muffin recipe I found. I think it turned out pretty good.

Tuesday, 27 Jan

The blizzard hit today. Temperatures were at 16°F/-9°C with a 24 mph wind, thus feeling like -2°F/-19°C. Was I actually out in it to know what that felt like? No. I just like to check the weather report.

Top: the snow as seen from my garden-view apartment. Bottom left: the landlord shoveling snow in his giant machine and one of the tenants (?) probably about to shovel snow from his car. Bottom right: the cars that didn’t shovel snow off during the day.

For the whole day, I resorted to my homebody self. I cleaned my room a bit, reorganised all the things that are my belongings. I managed to unpack 1/3 to 1/2 of the boxes I shipped over here to myself. YAY! But not without a LOOOOOONG morning in bed. Why? No, not because I was lazy, rather because it was REALLY cold. I didn’t know it at the time, but my roomie told me later that apparently the heating shut off. He called up our landlord, investigated it and fixed it as best as he could. I have a great roomie.

My morning commute to work today…right after the blizzard. Thankfully most of it cleared up by the afternoon and I was walking on non-snow (i.e. ice and cement – if I was lucky).

Wednesday, 28 Jan

OMG SO MUCH SNOW!!!!! I was walking to work with this GIANT smile on my face and glimmer in my eyes because I was SOOOOO AMUSED by the sheer quantity of snow that had fallen over the course of the blizzard. Not only did we have the expected 2-3 feet of snow that “simply” COVERED everything, but the snow plows had moved aside quite a bit of snow to the point where cars were PILED in snow, I was TRUDGING – almost SWIMMING – through snow to get to work and there was so much snow on the sidewalks that people waiting for the bus, and sometimes even just TRYING to walk in general, had to stand on the STREETS where the cars were – and risk getting run over – just to commute! Anyhow, the snow was SOOOO fluffy here I really wanted to just “trust fall” into it all. The closest I got – since I was already running late for the bus – was to just fall on my butt in the snow for fun in the middle of an intersection while I was waiting for the light to change. I was waaaay too amused today. I wouldn’t be surprised if people thought I was a child because of it. Ah, the things people assume because I do what I want, when I want to – especially when it comes to “ridiculous”, “childish” and “crazy” things.

“Today” I Learned

  • Research-grade ethanol suppliers add isopropanol to ethanol to make it undrinkable and also in order for it to not be taxed the Sin Tax for consumable alcohol.
  • A green mango is not an unripe mango – or something, according to my flatmate. What?

More Snowy Pictures!

The freshly fallen (fallen…HA!) snow on the patio and hill behind the building where I work.

Another picture of the arboretum after the snowfall…


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