Memories of Love (21-24 Jan)

A cuppa tea & my favourite Asian cheesecake = BEST THING EVER.

Wednesday, 21 Jan

Today was yet, just another day. Though, I did come up with an idea as to how we might better grow our water lilies, but we’ll have to see what happens. On other notes, I finally made it to that one “used things store” and bought those heart-shaped measuring spoons I’ve been eyeing for a while. Though I didn’t get EXACTLY the one I wanted, I still got a set and I think I’m happier with this set than the other one I could’ve gotten – if I had the choice.

Thursday, 22 Jan

This morning, I had a cup of Lyons tea and a slice of my favourite Asian cheesecake for breakfast because I was running late. I ended up missing the bus and taking the later bus. Oh well.

Anyhow, it was strange this morning. My roommate told me he was going to Vermont until tomorrow – that boggled my mind. I asked him how far it is. He said it’s a 3-hour drive. Man, I keep forgetting that the East Coast is smaller than California. Makes me wonder what it’d be like to live on the edge of a state so another state is right next door. Or… Or… What about Europe where another COUNTRY is just an hour or a few minutes away? OMG… Mind-blowing thoughts.

A bottle of Magner’s Pear Cider & an Americanised shepherd’s pie at an “Irish pub”.

Friday, 23 Jan

Today, my professor wanted to see me. I was sorta excited when he came hunting for me and told me he wanted me to come find him after I was done with my morning routine with the plants. Turns out, he just wanted me to scan some slides for him as a cover photo submission. THAT took me all day with no success. In the end, he found a slide scanner in the other arboretum building so we went there towards the end of the day. It was done in 15 minutes. Either way though, it was fun sitting with him in his car on the way up to the building and back down.

After all that craziness, he drove me to James’s Gate where the grad student and everyone from our lab, the director of research facilitation, the IT guy and the head arborist were celebrating for the night because the grad student got awarded NSF DDIGS funding. The professor paid for everything! It was supposedly an Irish pub, so I ordered myself some shepard’s pie and had a glass of Magner’s pear cider. After it all, the head arborist was nice enough to give me a lift home so I could make it to my 8pm Skype date with two of my friends.

OMG SNOW!!! — after a “snow storm”.

Saturday, 24 Jan

I wanted to go swing dancing here for the first time today, but they cancelled the session due to a snow storm. Oh well. Instead, I stayed in and had some lady grey tea – from my previous work place – and some more Asian cheesecake. On top of that I decided to go clean freak crazy and spent 1-2 hours scrubbing down my electric stove. Weeeee!

“Today” I Learned

  • Why heated seats exist in cars. My butt gets cold the fastest when it’s cold out. Sitting in a car w/ heated seats kept my butt well-insulated for my walk home.
  • It’s a not “roundabout” here, it’s a “rotary”.

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