The Tale of Two Targets (18-20 Jan)

The Cambridge H Mart. It looks so SMALL on the outside, but OMG so much stuff!

Sunday, 18 Jan

It’s been a while since I’ve seen my girlfriend. Turns out, she’s been sick. She decided to ask me for a soup date at Seoul Soulongtang, so I obliged, hoping I don’t get sick too. After our food time, I dragged her along with me to do my city explorations for the day. First, we went to check out the HMart in Cambridge. My, was it different than the one back home, almost in such a way that it reflected the city – even though the one back in SoCal was a SUPER HMart, and this one’s not. The one back home was rather spacious and it was easy to walk past people, despite the large amount of stuff in the store. Here in Boston, there’s just as much stuff – I think – just shoved into more efficient spacing. Anyhow, the lady was still hungry after a meal, so we got her some of my favourite Asian cheesecake…Cheesecake…

I “found Mars” at the Cambridgeside Galleria.

Then, we dropped by Boomerangs, one of the thrift shop “chains” here, though I’d have to say, it’s more of a “charity shop” as in Dublin, considering it is for an AIDS charity. Alas, after browsing around, my girlfriend had to abandon me to do a project for school. So, I continued my journey alone to the Cambridgeside Galleria on foot. From the Galleria, I walked another 30 minutes to Target in Somerville – almost got run over considering the area wasn’t quite pedestrian-friendly. There I packed up my hiking backpack and a shopping bag or two with stuff and food before heading home. When I got off the bus in my area, it was RAINING!!!!! So I proceeded to walk 15-30 minute back home in the rain. I was surprised I didn’t mind it as much as I would’ve in California. I think Dublin has made me more tolerant of rain.

Monday, 19 Jan

Today, I didn’t have work. YAY! Hooray for working for an educational institution! (In case you’re wondering, it was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.) Also, it was the first day I got to use my Pur filter. YAY FILTERED WATER! Oh how I’ve missed you! Anyhow…I told my roomie today that I was planning to go back to the Target in Somerville. Then, he tells me that there’s one in Watertown, slightly closer. WAIT…WHAT?! So, that became my destination of the day. I walked half way there following the bus route because I missed the bus and it was going to be another 20-30 minutes if I waited. So I followed the bus route, BUT lo and behold, I forgot to LEAVE the bus route and started following the route TOWARDS Cambridge – read: going the OPPOSITE direction of my destination. Oh me, oh my… So I ended up walking 20-30 minutes going the WRONG direction before I took the bus going the RIGHT direction. When I finally got to the Target, I stocked up on hangers, Triscuits and cheap canned soup ($1.50/can)!

Tuesday, 20 Jan

Nothing much happened on Tuesday. It was just another day at work. I stayed at work 2 hours longer than usual so I could finish a mini project I had decided to start – organising my grad student’s plants. After two extra hours of work to make up for all those days I was late, I met up with my girlfriend for dinner. It was nice to see her again. I hope I continue to see her even though school just started up for her again.

“Today” I Learned

  • I’m surprisingly tolerant of rain after Dublin – as long as I’m wearing waterproof shoes and jacket.
  • Blind people can use smartphones too! The phone reads aloud the letters they’re typing to them and tells them when there’s a message and such things.

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