Fresh Observations & Falling in Love (15-17 Jan)

Seen on the side of a T train, car, thing…

Thursday, 15 Jan

Today, I got lucky with the bus – no, not with the bus driver! The bus! I got there early and bumped into the Indian girl again. Today, I was early enough to sit and talk with her for a bit before the bus showed up and along the bus ride. She decided to give me her number. Yay!


After getting off the bus, I took 10 minutes to walk between the one block from the bus stop to work. Why? Freshly fallen snow + salt chunks. Okay, so I know they spread salt on the street to help keep the roads clear of ice and all, but I’ve never seen it up close, much less on FRESHLY fallen snow. It was just BEAUTIFUL. I had too stop and take pictures – yes, for 10 minutes. Anyhow, after work, I raced my way over to Goodwill and boy was I happy to get there on time before they closed today. I got stuck with three lucky finds I took home with me: a 2-cup Pyrex measuring cup, a 20 fl oz soup mug (YAY! SOUP MUG! – what is it? a mug for soup of course! TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!!), and a Pur water pitcher. Soon afterwards, I went over to Star Market to look around and found a frozen pie crust – like, for pot pies – that I’m contemplating using to make a quiche, as one of the other lab assistants at work had suggested. HOW EXCITING!!! FOOD PLANS! Anyhow…Aside from that, I went home and made fish – fried fish on my new ceramic pan, really. My fish was covered in panko and fried with olive oil. Surprisingly crunchy and unhealthy tasting. I wasn’t too fond of it, though it was definitely delicious. I’ll have to consider making onion rings sometime. Boy do I miss onion rings, ESPECIALLY beer-battered onion rings!

Friday, 16 Jan

Okay. Seriously. I LOVE my ceramic pan! So, I’ve been cooking on nonstick pans for a while now and they’re okay. BUT, when I arrived here in Boston – and finally got my own place – I bought myself a lovely little ceramic pan for all my breakfast needs. It’s been a week or so since I bought this thing and today I FELL IN LOVE! So, I’d been TRYING to use oil with it – totally forgetting how my Italian flatmate had a ceramic plan as well and she told me that oil is not really necessary with them. Well, when it finally dawned on me, OMG my breakfast eggs still tasted AMAZING without the use of oil. The ceramic coating is SOOOO nice to my eggs, I feel like I could successfully make CREPES without ever killing the actual crepe. Not to mention, when I burn a little bit of food to it, it just washes off like nothing when I run the pan under water while it’s hot. LOVE IT!!!!!

Saturday, 17 Jan

Today, was probably my laziest day ever since I arrived in Boston. I – LITERALLY – stayed in bed ALL DAY just because I could. My SoCal (Southern California) bestie and I spent the whole day talking and watching a TV show and an anime together via this beta thing called Rabbit. This thing is AMAZING. You get to use Netflix, Hulu, CrunchyRoll, YouTube, pretty much ANY webpage together (for free) while videochatting with your friend(s). We got to watching this TV show I’ve been wanting to watch called Galavant – a 4-week long comedy series on ABC, where I watch the TV show I follow, Once Upon a Time. After we finished the two, free released episodes of that (which were HILARIOUS), we watched an anime I had peeked in on him watching before I left SoCal called World Trigger. Man, it was SUCH a good day in.

“Today” I Learned

  • Icicles are formed by “microclimates”. This means that within a small amount of space, there are VERY slight temperature differences. These differences – when icicles form – can determine whether water freezes or melts. More here or here.
  • Black ice is when water freezes over so fast it’s transparent, so it’s hard to tell it’s there.


Icy footprints…it’s a thing.

Ice + salt collection: I like the top left the most. IT LOOK LIKE AN ANIMAL! Squeeeeee!!!!


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