Sometimes I’m Too Organized, I Think (11-14 Jan)

My lovely bed and nightstand set!

Sunday, 11 Jan

Omg omg omg! I finally moved into my new apartment after 9 days! Sadly, my furniture doesn’t match completely. Though, I have to admit, it has personality.

The other half of my room: my table, chair and dresser/wardrobe.

First order of business, organise and stock up on foods! So I organised the place a bit – I think my roomie probably immediately thought I was crazy – then I went food hunting – YAY! FOOD!!!!! I was at Super 88 for about an hour or more and spent $30 on 2 bags of groceries. Afterwards, I spent about $30 at Star Market. Go figure, $60 total… Alas, me and food.

Monday, 12 Jan

Today, I became a big girl! Well, at least on the fancy microscope I work with. My graduate student had to go up to main campus and entrusted me to working by myself on the expensive microscope by myself. Though immediately after she left, things started acting up. Oh Second Law of Thermodynamics…

The highlight of my day was definitely talking with one of my advisor’s secretaries. Later on, I had a similarly pleasant – though less profound – discussion with my roomie while we were making dinner. Following dinner, I took a walk to TJMaxx to buy some house organisational pieces. For one: shower curtain, since my roommate didn’t seem to understand that the fabric piece of the shower curtain is purely decorative and non-functional.

This cute measuring spoon set I might buy if they’re still there the next time I go: a pinch of joy, a dash of kindness, a spoonful of affection, a heap of love.

Tuesday, 13 Jan

I barely made the bus the this morning going along this new route to work. On the plus side, I met the Indian girl I met a few weeks ago again. Having her to talk to – even though most of it was small talk – made the commute much more pleasant. Too bad she said she’s thinking about quitting her job.

Work was interestingly boring once again. I had planned to practice making ribbons again, but apparently our visiting scholar and the postdoc had the same plan and we only have 2 microtomes. Oh well more of my favourite thing – digital microscopy!

Wednesday, 14 Jan

So, yesterday morning, I managed to make what my friend as “rubbery eggs”, but today, the eggs from the same year were cooked to a less ” rubbery” consistency. And thus begins the Rubbery Eggs experiment. Not even joking.

I was an hour late to work today due to the stupid bus system and my tiredness from staying up late yesterday taking care of business. Oddly enough, no one really seemed to mind. Either way, I got lots of things done today, mostly regarding reorganising potted plants and tagging/flagging flower buds. Still not finished and still not efficient enough. So I somewhat made up my missing hour by staying in the lab another hour, absorbed in my mini-project for the day.

Anyhow, sometime during the day, I dropped by our IT guy’s desk and he was saying that my mannerism seems to be very similar to that of the previous lab technician. He had said this because I noticed he had packages in the mail room and told him so, since his office was on my way back to my desk/lab. Creepy… Especially since the postdoc and grad student had brought this up earlier when I made an origami box for collecting the anthers of one of our species, since the previous lab tech made them origami water lilies since we work with a species of water lilies as well.


The water lily I work with – after I EMASCULATED them – aka made them “females” by FORCE!

“Today” I Learned

  • My right ear canal is narrower/smaller than my left ear canal (which fits a normal ear bud piece)
  • Rubbery eggs are a common mistake caused by overheating the pan before/during the cooking of the egg. Experiment anyways because any good result should be replicable!

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