The Frigid Cold (8-10 Jan)

The ladybug is COOOOOOLD!!!!!!

WTF is this thing called “powdery snow”?!

Thursday, 8 Jan

Getting out of bed this morning was harder than usual. I didn’t know why until I got onto the train. So, apparently Boston decided that I needed to be a popsicle. First off, it dumps this…dry, powdery snow stuff that looks like powdered sugar. Then, the temperature this morning was 0°F/-18°C (which feels like -18°F/-28°C with the 10mph/23kmh wind). MAN it was cold. I need to up my winter weather game!

Anyhow, in lab today, I’m getting better with the computer + microscope thing. After I wrote down instructions and ordered things in my head (since my grad student likes to jump around everywhere when giving instructions, it seems), I managed to prepare and complete one full scan of a sample in 20 minutes. WOOO!! Go me! Didn’t get around to “making ribbons” today, but that was fine by me, especially after the eye strain I gave myself yesterday.

Friday, 9 Jan

Work was strange today. Usually, I plan well with the postdoc and grad student what we’re doing for the day, but today fell through the cracks. I ended up sitting at my computer fairly frequently and reading/skimming lots of scientific papers. Very exciting stuff, but not quite what most of you would probably want to hear.

Anyhow, after work I made my way to the AT&T store because my Android phone is having problems ONLY sending out SMS messages (aka my non-iPhone was having problems sending out basic text messages). I’d gone through their call centre and tech support for an hour two days ago; they couldn’t figure it out. The guy at the store couldn’t figure it out either. Alas, there is but one or two more chances for my beloved phone: factory reset and take to phone shop. Wish us luck!

Top: My delicious SALMON BURGER and some scrumptious crunch-a-licious fries/chips. Bottom: Yes, I drink plant gametes – apparently.

After my phone dilemma was gently pushed aside, my Boston best friend and I went out for dinner at Zaftigs. I wanted to go simply because they had a salmon burger – zomg salmon burgers! – on their menu. Went in, didn’t regret a single bite. Now I have to go back to try their salmon cakes! So excited!

Soon after parting with my Boston bestie, I called up my brother. We caught up on life. Shockingly, he managed to stay on the phone with me for 30 whole minutes! Wow! I think that’s impressive for a guy, no offence to all my lovely male readers.

Saturday, 10 Jan

My best friend here in Boston isn’t feeling too well. I waited for him to help me finish the last round of moving my stuff, but alas he wasn’t feeling well all day and could barely get out of bed. Oh well. Till tomorrow – hopefully.

On the bright side of things, I got to Skype with my lovely friend in Oregon. We had such a wonderful time catching up, we spent 2 hours talking with each other to update on each others’ life, then an online introduction and chat with my SoCal bestie! Man, I love my friends. I’m lucky to have them.

“Today” I Learned

  • Putting my hands up the opposite sleeve as to “imitate” a hand muff (something I did for fun as a child) actually keeps my hands warmer than wearing any of my current gloves. I think I might get some hand muffs at this point.
  • American versions of my phone uses a micro-SIM, versus mine – which I got in Dublin – uses a normal/ mini-SIM card.

Beautiful houses, such as this one, is typically divided by each floor to house more than one family: a multi-family home.


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