The Wonderous Thing That is Snow (4-7 Jan)

OMG TOO CUTE! Had to get it. ❤

Sunday, 4 Jan

It was wonderful having snow yesterday, but the downside was having to wake up to the sound of snow being scraped from the sidewalks. Waking up at 6:30am to the sound of shoveling snow. Alas, everything in life has its pros and cons.


Monday, 5 Jan

Today was yet another adventure into Cambridge. It was crazy at the time I did though. The bus was so full, the driver would only take 2 of the 6 of us that were waiting, even though on the next few stops, he didn’t limit how many people for in because the influx of people was comparable to how many people for off. Thankfully, despite that madness, I still got to the new employee orientation on time.

Waiting at the CharlieCard store…

Afterwards, I got lost – go figure – trying to find the CharlieCard store. When I finally got there, I had to wait for 30 minutes or so before they could help me out. It was like the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), but slightly faster. Afterwards, I went straight to work.

After a rather unproductive first day back, I missed the bus home by one minute. I couldn’t wait there for the next 20 though because it was about 20°F (-7°C) with a 20 mph (32 km/h) wind. So I walked 7 stops along the bus route before bus caught up to me.

OMG Korean tofu soup!!!!

On the other side of cold, my friend suggested we grab dinner, so we did. We found a Korean tofu house, Kaju Tofu, and had some warm, delicious tofu soup.

Tuesday, 6 Jan

Did I tell you I fertilise one of our research plant species with SHEEP POOP (which my grad student orders on Amazon)?! Just saying. Other than that, I spent all afternoon trying to create “ribbons” again only to have it work RIGHT before I was to get off work.

After work, I went to look at some furniture and I FINALLY decided on a bed I wanted. Now to order it and then find other furniture pieces.

The yellow anise I work with. Isn’t it ADORABLE?!

Wednesday 7 Jan

Was late to work today because my girlfriend comes back to Boston today and I had to get everything in order for her return. Thankfully, no one really minds as long as I still work. At work today, I got to see the flowers of the two species of Illicium (star anise) we use in lab. One of them is this gorgeous magenta colour, the other a simple yellow.

The magenta anise I work with. Like. WOW.

After work today, I made it up to the place where I decided I want to get a bed from, The Boston Bed Company, and ordered my bed frame, mattress and a nightstand. I’m so excited! Also, I got talking with the employees so well, one of them gave me a free pillow protector “because of my earmuffs (and who I am)”. It was great craic.

“Today” I Learned:

  • CharlieCard Store is only open Monday thru Friday, 8am-5:30pm
  • If CharlieTicket doesn’t have enough value, the machines in Boston proper won’t take it… and they only accept one card at a time.
  • You can move (maximum 5-6) CharlieTicket values onto a CharlieCard (which it’s cheaper to pay with), but only at THE CharlieCard store @ Downtown Crossing Station, AND only if you have the credit card it was paid with (if it was paid with a card).
  • You can put a little as 5 cents on a CharlieTicket if you’d like!
  • In Boston, wear windproof everything for best all-time winter protection.

People pull up their windshield wipers to prevent them from freezing onto their windshield.


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