Moving Into the New Year (1-3 Jan)

Thursday, 1 Jan

It’s the new year. So what? Oh? What did I do to welcome in the new year? The same thing everyone else does – I hope – I spent time with someone I hope to experience the new year and hopefully future years to come with. As for the rest of the day, I didn’t do much. It was a lazy start to the new year.

What about my new year’s resolutions? HA! I don’t really believe in making a resolution just because it’s the new year. I make resolutions constantly, no need to restrict them to the beginning of a new year only. Right now, I’m just (semi-)focused on finding furniture FOR MY NEW ROOM! YAY!!!! I HAVE A HOME!

Okay…going to bed now. Good night, bonne nuit, boa noite, buonanotte, oyasumi.

Friday, 2 Jan

Seriously, this is a good start to the new year. First, I get a day to be lazy, to relax, to myself. Then, a flood of friendship? TOO GOOD!

So REALLY early this morning, I got a message from a previous co-worker I had met about 2 years ago whom I never really got to know and befriend. She saw that I had moved to Boston for a new job and decided to message me because she’s here visiting family. So we decided to meet up because we both needed desperately to get out of the house. OMG It was so fun, we got along a lot better than I expected. It was so easy to relate to her, to talk to her, to share pieces of my life with her for a whole day just running errands I need to run (i.e. finding a bed and shopping for food). My goodness I’m lucky.

Also, shortly before I left the house to meet up with her, though, I got a chance to Skype with one of my friends I had met about 3-4 years ago who had moved to Houston, Texas. We had a WONDERFUL Skype session, catching up on each others’ lives since this past July. It’s amazing how many things have occurred in our own lives since then. She’s started graduate school, learned to love something she thought she previously hated, and found herself a little more. I’ve poured my soul into finding my way in the world after graduation, reconnected with my past for 3-5 months before starting anew here in Boston. Goodness life passes by so fast.

Packing up his car for with my second batch of stuff. Man, I own too much stuff.

Saturday, 3 Jan

I haven’t seen my Boston best friend since Christmas, so I called him up and we hung out for a few hours today. He helped me move into my new apartment. Our first trip over, he packed his car with all the stuff I had left at his house. Then, as we were packing up the car for the second trip with all the boxes I had shipped to my girlfriend’s house, it began to lightly snow. I didn’t think much of it because I’d had it happen to me a few weekends ago when my friend from western Massachusetts was over.

ALL DAT SNOW!!!! (from nothing to this in 2 hours!)

After we were finished moving, we went to the Washington Square Tavern for dinner. It was rather expensive, but goodness gracious the food was amazing. After an hour and a half indoors for dinner, Nature had worked her magic. When we first stepped in, the streets were clear and barely wet. After dinner, the streets were just WHITE with snow. There was at least 1-2 inches of snow covering my best friend’s car that he has to brush it off prior to driving. Insane.

Alas, my first snow day. Exciting stuff!

“Today ” I Learned…

  • Oxfam exists in America, it’s just not a “charity shop” like in Ireland. Oh the sadness…
  • Snowy places prevents too much snow build-up by sprinkling salt on the roads via a “salt truck” that drives around and has a flap on the side, releasing salt as it drives along the various roads.

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