To Make an End is to Make a Beginning (28-31 Dec)

I’ll be honest with you, my last few days of 2014 have been rather uneventful to the everyday individual. I’ve been sitting at home, being lazy, enjoying vacation and not going out very often — if at all, really. I wake up and go to bed whenever my heart so desires – which sometimes are REALLY absurd hours. I walk around the house like a ghost wandering the empty halls of what was once a lively home. I read, I nap and I watch movies and TV shows – mostly Futurama – to my heart’s content. And most of all, I talk to my beloved long-distance friends — particularly my best friend, my twin, back home in California.

We’ve reminisced about times long past, about the year(s) we’ve spent together, the memories we’ve made. We gladly share our lives with each other, building upon the friendship we’ve found together and have worked over the years to preserve and treasure. We dream of where we’ll go in the future and what next year may have in store for us. It’s great to love and to be loved, to be treasured, to be cherished by those you hold close to your heart.

As this year comes to a close, I want to thank each and every one of you, my devoted readers, my beloved friends, for taking the time to get to know me, to live life with me, to allow me to share my life with you throughout my adventures from Dublin at the end of Summer 2013 till now when I’m in Boston, beginning a new life, as we step into a new year.

I wish you all — my beloved friends, my mysterious readers — a Happy New Year.

What I Learned “Today”


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